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Posted:  12/3/2012 8:24 AM #35417
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Subject: When Will the Firearms Industry Start Marketing to Hispanics?
( - Recently, my thoughts turned to the firearms and shooting sports industries and their preparedness to meet the needs of future generations of American shooters and competitors. By in large, the industry focuses on the English-speaking, non-Hispanic white (and black to a lesser degree) demographic.  However, they are missing the U.S. Hispanic consumer completely, which is striking considering nearly every other consumer-product industry in the U.S. is well into their first or second generation of Hispanic marketing campaigns. It’s old news that there are 52 million Hispanics in this country and they wield some serious buying power, estimated to be more than $1.1 trillion. Of those, about 34 million are of legal age to purchase firearms.  Now, given that 47% of Americans own a firearm, that gives us 16 million Hispanics who could now or in the future own a firearm.

The first U.S. firearm manufacturer to begin marketing to Hispanics in earnest will have the angle on the entire market until the rest catch up.  They can start with online marketing for Spanish-preferred speakers.

Try this test, Google search any of these four common phrases “pistola defensa personal” (self-defense pistol), “mejor arma para la casa” (best pistol for the home), “cual es la mejor pistola” (what is the best pistol), “pistolas deportivas” (sporting pistols).

If you did this search, you likely didn’t see one single gun brand on the first page of the search results.  In fact, most of the results are from websites outside of the U.S.  This is a big strategic oversight for an industry that sells products owned by 47% of Americans.

In addition to firearms manufactures getting into the Hispanic marketing fray, the industry as a whole can take this opportunity to educate and welcome several new generations of enthusiasts to the sport.  Many come from countries that don’t have the freedoms we enjoy here or just haven’t been exposed to shooting sports.

The NRA can play a major part in this education/welcoming effort, too.  There’s this site,, but I doubt the NRA even knows it exists.

I’d be thrilled to see the Outdoor Channel (cable TV) run a Spanish-language shooting sports program, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, Brownells, Cheaper Than Dirt or Midway USA.  These guys have the marketing budgets to pull it off.

Until then, the race is on.  The runners just need to show up.

Posted:  12/3/2012 10:32 AM #35422

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I am a first generation Hispanic.My father came to this country when he was 30. In our household we spoke English! Yes, we could speak Spanish,but we wanted to learn English and assimilate into the community.It sickens me that we have been broken down into little groups of Americans. African,women.Asians,Latino,Jews,Christians,Lesbians,Gays etc. I feel bad that we have to market to niche individual groups. We are all Americans and gun owners . Men should be bound by their principles and moral standards and ideology.Not by race,culture and sexual preference.Maybe it's just me but I'm sick of pandering to all this diversity garbage.Buena suerte!

Posted:  12/3/2012 11:59 AM #35425
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We speak English in this country. If they can't read it, too bad. The firearms industry is doing just fine.

Posted:  12/3/2012 5:07 PM #35434

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I thought they already had!

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Posted:  12/3/2012 7:12 PM #35438

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I was raised in an Italian-American household  - Dear Ol' Mom and grandma were fluent in Italian and casually switched back and forth with English in the same sentence. Needless to say I didn't learn word one in Italian. Despite having lived in Tucson, AZ for 44 years, a city with a very large and ubiquitous Latin population, the best I can do is make it through the menu at a Mexican restaurant, and if the need arises, I know what the men's bano is. The whole world (most of it anyway) is slowly but surely learning English so I see no need for me to bother with anything else. Although I do enjoy celebrating a Latin Mass now and then. The Church was never so majestic, impressive and influential to me as when I had no idea what it was saying.
If gun makers want to print handbooks and manuals in numerous languages, I couldn't care less. Everything else I buy comes with a "book" in at least 3 languages as it is. How long has S&W been printing "Marcas Registradas" on it's guns? Forever? Works for me.

Posted:  12/4/2012 8:02 AM #35440

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I agree with you, horselips. Whatever they need to do. Spanish, German, French, Chinese.... whatever.
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