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Posted:  6/9/2014 9:56 AM #42002
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Subject: First Look: Rock Island Armory A380 “Baby Rock”
( Building off their line of 1911-style pistols, Armscor USA/Rock Island Armory is introducing a new offering to the concealed carry market. The new “Baby Rock” is chambered in .380 ACP and holds seven rounds in its single-stack magazine. The A380 “Baby Rock” has an estimated retail price of $459, and it should be available around the end of September 2014. For more info, check out our web-exclusive video of the Baby rock at the  Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina: Read more:


Posted:  6/9/2014 4:49 PM #42012

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A little overpriced for a RIA pistol - maybe the street price will be more in line. Also, this weapon appears way too large and heavy for its caliber.

Posted:  6/9/2014 7:52 PM #42024

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Yawn! Not a fan of the extended beavertail for concealed carry.Too many other good guns for CC than that one.

Posted:  7/21/2014 7:17 PM #42441

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Does anybody remember the Llama .380?

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