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Posted:  1/15/2014 10:24 AM #40405
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Subject: Guns Holsters and Gear SIG P320 – First Impressions
From Guns Holsters and Gear, by Richard Johnson: The curtain has been pulled back on the new SIG Sauer P320, and the response has been mixed from the people I have spoken to.  Since SIG did not attend Media Day, I have not had a chance to shoot this new gun.  However, I have handled the guns in the company’s exhibit.  Any review would be incomplete, but I can give you my initial impressions of the gun. In a nutshell:  I’m underwhelmed. I was initially excited about the prospects of a striker-fired SIG.  However, it appears the gun is just a striker mechanism dropped into a P250.  The guns look very similar and the P320 even has a plate covering the back of the slide where one would expect the P250′s hammer to be.


SIG P320 SHOT show 2014

If the P320 is simply a P250 with a striker-fired mechanism in it, I think SIG has missed the mark.  The double action trigger of the P250 was not the only reason the guns have been only moderately popular with shooters.  While I would hate to think the P320 was rushed through development, modifying an existing platform would certainly be a shortcut to getting a new gun to market.

SIG P320 slide

The upside of the P320 being a P250 clone is that it should fit holsters already on the market.  Since SIG is positioning this pistol as a law enforcement duty weapon, having duty-style retention holsters already on the market is a huge benefit when trying to sell a department on these pistols.

The trigger on the guns felt good, and the reset was obvious.  I would have to get one on the range before I could determine if I like it, but I suspect the trigger will be pretty good.

SIG P320

So, what do you think?  Does a striker-fired version of the P250 make sense to you? Or, should SIG started with a clean slate when designing a new pistol?

Read the original article here: . Make sure you visit for all of the latest gun news, reviews and SHOT Show coverage.

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