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Posted:  4/23/2012 5:22 PM #31304
rusty shackleford

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Subject: FN FNC-80
I have always wondered what rifle Al Pacino used in the bank shootout in the movie HEAT. Thankfully I have finally discovered it. The FN FNC-80 according the the internation movie database. I was wondering if anyone knew about the possibility of purchasing one of these as a sport model (meaning semi auto only). The description of the gun mentions FNC 223 Sporter and I was wondering if anyone knew if these were still on the market? I love the look of the gun and I'd really like to know their price range, Im assuming expensive is the answer to that.
"Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) pulls out an FN FNC-80 assault rifle during the shootout on Flower Street, and uses it to kill Cheritto when Cheritto - who is firing at Drucker and several other cops - grabs a little girl as a human shield. According to the on-set armorer, Hanna's rifle was a Select Fire FNC-80 assault rifle that was chopped down by the armorer to a Para length barrel, and an M16 style birdcage was attached. The FNC-80 was imported into the U.S. as a full automatic weapon and as a Semiautomatic Sporter rifle named the FNC 223 Sporter. Despite being a full auto weapon, Michael Mann instructed Al Pacino to fire only in semi-automatic mode, because Hanna and all of the other cops who were involved in the shootout would be concerned about the possibility of endangering bystanders."-
ssssha shaw pocket sand!

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