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Posted:  7/25/2013 3:15 PM #38560
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Subject: Buckeye Firearms Association sends check to George Zimmerman.
The Buckeye Firearms Association just updated their Facebook status to “Check going out today for Zimmerman. Will be received tomorrow, Friday. When asked how much, Buckeye Firearms Association replied, “$12,150.37. Enough to buy whatever he wants that he feels will enhance his personal safety or that of his family. In our letter to his attorney, we stated: "As we advertised this as a fundraiser to help Mr. Zimmerman replace his gun, holster, ammo and gear, it is our request that this donation be used to pay for any guns, ammunition, gear, training, ballistic vests, tactical training or home security systems which Mr. Zimmerman, in his sole opinion, believes is appropriate to protect himself and his family, including his parents. Self-defense is a personal decision, and we leave Mr. Zimmerman complete discretion on what gear, guns, products and services to spend this money on."

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