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Posted:  10/30/2012 8:52 AM #34874
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Subject: Shuff’s Parkerizing Mini-G M1 Garand
The Firearm Blog: Tim Shufflin of Shuff's Parkerizing does a nifty M1 Garand conversion called the Mini-G. He cuts the barrel down, modifies the op-rod, installs an adjustable gas plug and parkerizes the receiver, barrel and a number of other parts. The .30-06 barrel optionally can be replaced with a .308 Win. barrel or .35 Whelen barrel (a more powerful necked up .30-06 cartridge). Tim can even convert the rifle to use M14 magazines, turning it into a M1/M14 hybrid.



Former TFB guest blogged Chris Baker of Double Aught Media made this video about the Mini-G ...



Magazine fed M1 Garand

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