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Posted:  7/31/2012 4:13 PM #33072
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Subject: What Your AR Says About You
( by Doug Howlett -Since its creation by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s and initial adoption by U.S. military forces during Vietnam, the AR in all its variations (AR-15, AR-10, M16, M16A1, M4 and more) has been used to kick the arses of countless enemies, both real and on the big screen. The rifle has evolved into one of — if not the — most versatile and reliable long arms in history, experiencing a shocking rise in popularity among American shooters. Its ubiquitous role on the range, in pop culture and in the hands of our most-capable military has left an imprint on the shooting world that likely can’t be measured.

The AR you own and how you customize it says a lot about who you are, whether you use one to compete in 3-gun matches, tote one through the woods and prairies in search of game, or just want one around if intruders (or zombies) ever decide to invade your turf. So, we ask: What kind of AR owner are you?

Find out what your AR says about you:

Posted:  7/31/2012 4:14 PM #33073

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I'm the plinker.
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Posted:  7/31/2012 4:31 PM #33074

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Guess that makes me a Home operator plinker.

Posted:  7/31/2012 9:17 PM #33075

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I've owned a half dozen AR15s in my looooong life, but found each one to be more of a pain the behind  -and that includes the wallet I keep back there- than I could stand. Yeah, they work. Yeah, they're phenominally accurate. Yeah, they look totally cool. Yeah, you get to choose from more options than you do with a new car. Yeah...Yeah....Yeah...and so what?
I bought my first AK 47 a couple of years ago. What fun! Simple. Cheap. Minute-of-Liberal accuracy. Rugged. Easy to clean, if you care to. Ammo is "Cheaper Than Dirt." And no shortage of configurations or optional accessories. And all for HALF the price of a decent AR.  
So, what did my ARs say about me? They said, "Bye." 

Posted:  7/31/2012 9:23 PM #33076

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I guess I fit 3 categories. The plinker, I plink with both the 5.56 bolt carrier group in and the .22 CMMG conversion bolt. The competitor, I compete once a month in a local Tactical Rimfire match which is lots of fun, for rifle I alternate between my trick out 10/22 and my Spike's AR with the .22 bolt carrier group in it. The survivalist/prepper, I have more .223 and 5.56 stashed than anything else for SHTF scenarios.

Posted:  8/1/2012 9:04 AM #33086

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I am the plinker, competitor and home defense guy. I have 4 AR's, all set up differently.
Air Force: If you absolutely, positvely want something destroyed overnight.

Posted:  8/12/2012 7:37 AM #33298

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my colt ar15 a2 1988edition is still the same as it was when i took it home from the store..basic sites and basic fore grips..nothing added nothing subtracted and i love it that my sw mp15lr is a different story. i have the pictany rails the removable sites and the additional lug on the front end for the carry strap....each rifle has a purpose and each rifle is fun to own and shoot

Posted:  8/12/2012 8:37 AM #33300

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Looks like I've gone from...
"The Operator" to "The Home Defense Specialist" to "Plinker"

Posted:  1/22/2013 7:26 PM #36155

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home defense operator and plinker
If you come for my can have them. BULLETS FIRST!!!!!!

Posted:  6/13/2013 9:31 AM #38098
rusty shackleford

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Survivalist, Home Defense Operator, and plinker without a doubt. Although with the lego like ability of the AR-15 aren't all of us all 7? oh by the way IM GETTIN MAH FIRST AR FRIDAY! HUZZAH!
ssssha shaw pocket sand!

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