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Posted:  9/28/2009 4:50 PM #18871

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Subject: Deluxe Lug Recess Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Lug Recess Cleaning Kit

I was turned on to this kit when I was shooting international combat marksmanship competitions. Our team had one of these and the first time I used it to clean my lugs I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced cheese. We have these at an outstanding price so I am bringing this brief review to you.

Along with the rod assembly and 50 cotton rolls his kit also includes a standard chamber brush and a chamber mop as well as a GI brush.

This kit uses a rolled chunk of cotton to clean your lugs. The innovative thing about it is the way it accomplishes this. To keep from shoving all the crud further into the recess, the kit retracts the cotton roll into the Delrin sleeve. Then you simply push the rod into the gun. When the sleeve hits the barrel extension the roll pops out into the recessed area. You just spin it to clean.

I have found absolutely nothing better or easier to clean my lugs with, and at our Cheaper Than Dirt price this represents a tremendous cleaning value.

Deluxe Lug Recess Cleaning Kit

Scott Fuller
Product Tech

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