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Posted:  11/17/2012 7:56 PM #35201

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Subject: trouble with a jamming AMT Automag II
I have an AMT Automag II .22 mag and I do enjoy it. When it works!

It has a tendency to jam when shooting. I'm using the winchester ammo that was recommended by AMT, but it doesn't seem to do much. Let me describe what happens.

When a jam occurs, usually what happens is the round fails to load properly into the chamber. Sometimes the round actually gets slightly bent in the process. Other times the round will fail to eject from the chamber. I doubt I've had too many instances where I've managed to fire an entire magazine without at least one jam.
We sent the pistol back to AMT (long time ago) for warranty work due to the jamming issue. After about 8 weeks or so it came back with a report that nothing was found, so they cleaned and tuned the pistol. They included a reminder to only use winchester ammo. The jamming continues to this day. I would just get rid of it, but my wife really likes it.
This is my opinion of what might be the issue. I think the ramp inside the magazine is at too steep an angle for such a long skinny round like a .22 mag. I feel like the round jams into the top of the chamber and gets bent before it can load properly, but that's just my uninformed opinion.
Do you know if this is a common issue with Automag IIs?  What can be done to fix this?
Thanks, Liam

Posted:  11/17/2012 10:08 PM #35204

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My own AMT jamming issue was with my Longslide Hardballer, which I have lavishly fawned over, adding a compensator, Aimtech scope mount, panoramic reflex sight and new grips. Looks for all the world like a first class race gun. Drool. However, it worked like a government healthcare program - jamming constantly. When I bought it, it didn't come with an original AMT magazine, and not finding one at the time, I tried about a dozen different magazines until I found what worked. Not Wilson, not Colt, not Kimber, not Springfield, not Les Baer, nope -lucky me, I found that for reasons known but to Our Lord, who works with these weapons in mysterious ways, that inexpensive, humble McCormick and even more humble MecGar mags worked perfectly. Now my lovely Longslide is the envy of one and all -accurate beyond all expectation, reliable as sunrise, and with a "cool factor" that is no longer available from any manufacturer at any price.
Liam  -your chambering problem is most probably your magazine but maybe your feed ramp needs a bit of polishing. Your extraction problem is most probably your (duh!) extractor. Together, you're right  -you won't make it through a whole magazine without a stoppage. Get on the phone and call several local gunsmiths, find one who has experience with these guns, and let him have it. When I went to deliver mine for some work I wanted done, my gunsmith proudly displayed his own Longslide Hardballer, modified exactly as I had done mine except he had a red dot sight instead of a reflex sight mounted on his. Same mount, same compensator, same grip, etc. I knew I had found the right man for the job. Oh - he also had a McCormick magazine in his. Good luck.

Posted:  11/17/2012 11:25 PM #35205

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I have the same gun.  I can almost promise you that the issue is with the magazines.  I went through seven of them before I found 4 that work reliably.  The combination of the long, needle-like round and the critical angle of the feed lips/ramp, just makes this combination a sort of touchy one.  I talked with the factory and the rep back in the day until we were on a first name basis!  If you can find good magazines, you will find the gun shoots and feeds really well.
Good luck!
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Posted:  11/19/2012 8:35 AM #35217

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The mags might be the issue but I have repaired two of these that had the same issues and it was a rough chamber that was the culprit. I very gently cleaned up and smoothed out the chambers and both guns ran great. You might have a gunsmith look into that for you.
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Posted:  2/18/2013 7:09 PM #36544

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What I have found with this pistol is DON'T SPARE THE OIL! Oil the thing until it oozes out of every orifice. WD-40 to dissolve the goo, then liberal oil where the slide contacts the frame and oil on the feed ramp. Mine works well this way as long as I use BRASS cased ammo. Steel cased ammo hangs every time.

Also..... don't trust the de-cocking mechanism. Doesn't always prevent the hammer from striking the pin!

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