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Posted:  11/28/2012 8:54 AM #35328
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Subject: Colorado Legislature to Consider Assault Weapons Ban
( by Nick Leghorn- Insert witty quip about bloody shirts here: "9 News – The conversation on gun control is getting louder (than) ever since the theater shootings this summer. Many victims of the shooting and their families say now is the time to take a stance. They’re lobbying the legislature to pass stricter laws during the coming legislative session. [...] Representative Beth McCann and Representative Rhonda Fields are co-sponsoring a bill that would ban the sale and possession of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. McCann says the bill is still in the early stages, but it’s coming along.

“I’m looking at legislation to address banning the sale and possession of really assault weapons. I’m really targeting these weapons that seem to be designed to shoot as many people as you can in a short period of time,” McCann said.

Here’s the problem with that concept, as I outlined in my article about assault weapons: these guns aren’t actually being used to commit many murders. The ones they are involved in are certainly high profile, but it’s a statistically insignificant proportion of total murders committed. I’d give their statement more credibility if they started with a handgun ban rather than an AWB. Not saying I wouldn’t still rip it to shreds from a legal, moral and statistical point of view, just that it would make more sense.

And what’s a “really assault weapon” anyway? Is that something that has a shoulder thing that goes up?

McCann says she and Representative Fields respect the second amendment and they’re being careful in writing the bill because they don’t want to impact the rights of hunters and people trying to protect themselves. However, the legislators say there are certain weapons that don’t need to be accessible to everyday people.

Slight issue: AR-15 rifles are quickly becoming the hunting rifle of choice in the United States.

Seriously, is there any better rifle for hunting in most states? You can quickly change calibers, change sighting systems, even change barrel length and you don’t need a trip to the FFL. Forget for a second the fact that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, these representatives do indeed appear to be lying through their teeth when they claim that an assault weapons ban won’t impact hunters or people looking to defend themselves.

As always, down near the bottom of the article the journalist trots out the requisite “other side of the argument” and grabs a quote from one of the pro-gun bunch:

Gun owners, like Dudley Brown, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owner’s says the question isn’t if people need certain weapons. He says it’s about freedom.

“Banning guns won’t do anything to stop crime. I have yet to see any solutions that would have even the slightest effect on crime,” Brown said.

Many gun owners say it’s not the guns that are killing people, it’s the deranged people who get them. Attaching the rights of those owners who didn’t break the law isn’t the way to go.

Attaching rights? I’ll let that typo go for now, since there’s a paragraph here that’s absolutely screaming for attention:

An Edison Research poll conducted for the AP shows that the majority of Coloradans are fine with the way gun laws are now. Representative McCann says the results of the poll aren’t consistent with the feedback she’s been getting so she’ll continue to push for stricter laws. Governor Hickenlooper says he welcomes the conversation on gun control, but says it goes hand in hand with the conversation on mental health.

These public servants are elected by the people and sent to represent their constituent’s views. So it makes perfect sense that these elected representatives would completely ignore polling data about what their voters want and defer to the vocal minority of complaints they’ve been getting instead.

Democracy at work. Moral of the story: contact your representatives.

Posted:  11/28/2012 12:01 PM #35334

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Colorado voted for Obama. I don't care what happens to the people living there. It's 'company punishment" time for the voters. Let 'em all suffer.

Posted:  11/28/2012 9:05 PM #35339

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Amen, same for the people that stayed home on election day. REAP IT!!!

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