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Posted:  9/8/2012 5:01 PM #33841

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Subject: Yugo SKS
@import url(; I had mine for a while and when I first got it, it stove piped every 3rd shot or so. I changed the gas tube and that problem went away. I can't really say the iron sites are crappy because they seam solid but my eyes can't do the deciphering between the sites and target anymore. I was going to get a scope mount but through many forums you learn what not to do and that seems like the one not to do. As far as shooting, I was puling in a 1 to 1.5 inch group at 50 yrds. At 100, it was around a pie plate but I think that was me with my eyes. My wife shoots it just fine with better results at 100. I love shooting this rifle and the grenade launcher gives it a really cool military look. My under fold AK47 shoots a good group too and I had no problems with that gun from the get go. VERY fun to shoot. Both guns have that distinct sound which adds an adventure to the coolness. As far as what they're good for, close range is best for the AK, a great brush gun and when the s%#t hits the fan I want this gun with me because as the enemy drops, I'll be able to use their mags and ammo. Nuff said, look up the FEMA camps, caskets and trains and all the military personnel telling us what's going down. Our guns won't do us any good anyway!@import url(;

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Chucky944t - great minds think alike - I too have a Yugo 59/66 SKS and an AK-47 Underfolder. Even our eyeballs are in seemingly synchronized decline. Anyway, with Silver Bear ammo, my Yugo will group just over 2 inches at 100 yards and a little over half that at 50. I did replace the original rear cover with one equipped with a Picatinny rail and stuck on a scope - just a cheap NcStar 3-9 X 42 with Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle - about $59 - and although the mounting is not quite as rock solid still as I would like, it actually works. BTW, that little scope is such a value for the price I bought 2 more - one for my Saiga .223 and the other for my AK-47. Also - regarding mounting optics on an Underfolder, the UTG TriRail receiver cover is excellent. Far stronger than the original, and much more rigid than any side mount, it fits out of the box without modification on my Romanian WASR 10. With that little scope mounted on it, I can shoot minute-of-liberal with any ammo I have.

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