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Posted:  8/16/2012 4:38 PM #33381

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Subject: 4595 Hi-Point Carbines as a SHTF Bug Out rifle
Hello I'm Bob and I'm on a limited income so I bought a Hi-Point 4595 carbine to use as a Bug Out rifle or get home rifle if the SHTF how many of you own a Hi-Point Carbine and would have no problem using it as you poor mans Bug Out rifle ? and if so what kind of accessories do you use or modifications have you've done to it, Please post pictures if possible Thank you in advance @import url(;

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Hey, Bob. Welcome to the forum. I don't personally own a Hi-Point but a friend of mine does, in .40S&W, and I help him with his "experiments" with the gun. This Pistol Caliber Carbine is perfect in my opinion for an inexpensive weapon for a person on a budget. It digests every type of round we have fed it, except hollow points with a wide mouth, it usually jams every third round or so. We have tried Hornady Critical Defense and Z-Max, both work fine. Our last test round was the Federal GuardDog round. It is a EFMJ (Expanding Full Metal Jacket) and worked like a champ.  He decided to go with the Critical Defense rounds. He also bought a Hi-Point pistol (also .40 so the magazines will interchange). Same rounds for it. Any FMJ we feed it runs true with no hang ups. With accessories he decided to limit them. A good vertical forestock and a light was all he has put on it. Currently he is testing a red dot CCO that I let him borrow but he seems to be better with just iron sights. The 9mm weapon I have never dealt with but it should be just as good as the .40. The 9mm does have one advantage that I am aware of and that is the availability of 15 round magazines. You will need to experiment with your weapon to see just what round it likes the best and then go from there. We have found that the heavier bullets, 180 grains is best, work better out of his weapon. The only problem that I can see on a PCC is limited range (although we consistently "ring the gong" on a 10"plate at 120 yards), it is a pistol cartridge after all, but coupled with a longer ranged rifle (and for someone on a budget the list is still long) you should be able to do just fine in almost any situation. I would suggest a pistol as well for those up close and personal encounters. Just my $.02

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Thank you WarBlade right now I carry a Armscorp M200 38 Special and I thought as I got a little money put aside I'd buy me a 45JHP to go with my carbine so far all I've done to my carbine is put a UTG foldable foregrip and a Hi-Point mag holder w/2 spare mags and I've got a total of 5 mags all 9rd  but plan to get more as often as possible GBU and I hope to hear from you again

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A few years ago I was looking for an inexpensive carbine to use as a bug-out/truck/secondary home defense weapon. I did a little research and found the Hi-Point to be an interesting item with it's low cost, decent reviews and life time warranty and since 40S&W ammunition was plentiful the Hi-Point 4095 a logical choice. I eventually purchased the 4095TSFG with a forearm grip for a little under $300.00 and after a good cleaning a trip to the range proved the carbine to be accurate and reliable. I had no FTF or FTE with a variety of hollow-point ammo and accuracy was acceptable out to about 75 yards. At the time Hi-Point's web site was offering two 10 round magazines along with a holder that attaches to the stock for about $40.00 which I bought and it works well to keep extra rounds readily accessible. Since the carbine came with a multitude of rails I naturally had to add accessories which included a laser sight and compact light and I've been experimenting with an off-set to mount a reflex sight, but that's a project still in the works. Great carbine with one exception. The metal finish on the carbine and magazines are very susceptible to rust. If you fail to oil this thing down before storage be ready to drag out the steel wool before your next outing because I'd almost guarantee you'll have rust spots. That includes the magazines so keep it wiped down.

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I recently traded for the Hi Point 4595TS. Probably one of the best trades I have ever made on a carbine. When I got her, she was all black and looked very drab. I got creative and camoed her up and added a UTC Red/Green dot optic to it. It came with one 9 round mag and I just today purchased 2 more 9 rounders at a low $15.00 each. I have taken it to the range and shooting 230 grain ammo, once I got the sight dialed in, shot 18 rounds and had all 18 within the 8 ring at 200 yards. I am very pleased with the way she shoots and I have been offered my money back plus and just can't bring myself to sell it. For the money, in my opinion, the Hi-Point 4595 is an excellent choice.

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