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Posted:  7/3/2013 1:33 PM #38323
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Subject: Possible Military Coup in Egypt
The deadline attached to the Egyptian military's ultimatum expired July 3, and it appears the military is removing President Mohammed Morsi from office to begin the plan that it leaked to the press on July 2. Morsi gave a defiant speech last night, saying that he would not give up his electoral legitimacy -- essentially forcing the military to choose between intervening and removing him directly or reaching some kind of compromise. It appears the former is in the process of happening, though it is still possible that the military could be engaging in a show of force to dramatically increase pressure on negotiations. The military could be using this brinksmanship to get the Muslim Brotherhood to adopt the "road map" the military released for the political future.

Al Masry Al Youm reported earlier that Muslim Brotherhood and Wasat party leaders had been banned from leaving the country and that it was likely the Egyptian intelligence service was involved in enforcing that ban. AFP reported that Egyptian security forces have imposed a travel ban on President Mohammed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohammed Badie and his deputy and main financier for the Muslim Brotherhood Khairat al-Shater. It is not clear whether the travel ban reports are true. Read more »

Posted:  7/3/2013 3:07 PM #38324

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Low-information voters, regardless of what country they're in, and despite being warned, make grave electoral errors. Our own low-information voters elected and reelected Barack Obama, Egypt's elected Mohamed Morsi. But Egypt's low-information people have learned, and turned! They wised up! And the Egyptian military, in an act of surpassing patriotism, wised up, and rose up with them. America's low-information voters are much slower learners, borderline retarded in comparison to Egypt's. And America's military is apparently oblivious to the domestic existential threat to the Constitution in the White House. Despite the fact that the USA is a grown-up mature republic, and Egypt is a baby with just one legitimate election in all of certifiably human history, we have a lot to learn from the courageous people of Egypt, and its patriotic armed forces. "The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government." - Thomas Paine.

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