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Posted:  8/26/2013 8:50 AM #38902
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Subject: Texas Teen Becomes Youngest to Skeet Shoot a Perfect Score
( By Daniel Xu- Trinity University Freshman Josh Poole, 18, became the highest-ranked collegiate skeet shooter after he earned a perfect score in a recent national competition. Poole’s perfect score not only became the first in the history of the National Skeet Shooting Association’s (NSSA) Collegiate World Championship, but it also made him the youngest person to achieve one. “Head down, eye on the target is the most important thing, ’cause if anything else goes through your mind it’s a distraction and you’ll miss,” Poole told KCEN.


Poole credits his skills to experience gained on hunting trips with his father and grandfather. He was fortunate enough to have family that encouraged and supported his shooting talent, leading Poole’s father to eventually build a shooting range in their backyard.

“For me its muscle memory and it’s easy, it’s just a simple movement.”

A game of skeet typically consist of 25 targets, with 17 shot as singles and eight as doubles. NSSA competitions differ slightly from their Olympic counterparts and a perfect score of 400 points is still considered extraordinarily rare. Poole also earned the distinction of becoming the top-ranked collegiate shooter even before he officially entered college, which he began attending this week.

KCEN’s report can be seen below: – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

Image screenshot of video on


Skeet shooting champion Josh Poole prepares for another shot.

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