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Subject: Campus Carry Legislation Defeated Because Three “Pro-Gun” Legislators Voted “No”
Campus Carry Legislation Defeated Because Three “Pro-Gun” Legislators Voted “No”
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Friday, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted to effectively defeat House Bill 222 by a 3 to 6 vote.  This unfortunate outcome happened because three incumbents, who were previously A-rated and endorsed by the NRA Political Victory Fund in 2010, broke their promise on this issue.


All three Senators -- Brent Hill, John McGee and Chuck Winder -- indicated in their responses to our 2010 candidate questionnaire, that they would support this self-defense legislation.  Our ratings and endorsements of them last year were based on their responses to our state candidate questionnaire as well as their previous legislative voting records.

This important self-defense legislation would have allowed for the lawful carry of a firearm on a college or university campus for self-defense, as long as the individual is not restricted from legally carrying a firearm by any state or federal law.  While this bill would also grant authority to a college and university to restrict firearms in undergraduate housing, its opponents argued that law-abiding permit holders cannot be trusted to carry a firearm on campus.

Below are the names and contact information for these three state Senators.  Contact them TODAY and let them know how disappointed you are that they did not stand up for gun owners and the Constitution.

Senate State Affairs Committee:

Senator Brent Hill (R-34)

(208) 332-1300


Senator John McGee (R-10)

(208) 332-1304


Senator Chuck Winder (R-14)

(208) 332-1354
Moderator of

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