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Posted:  8/6/2012 8:32 AM #33167
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Subject: Kel-Tec PMR-30 – Range Report
(GunsAmerica) It is amazing that one of the most scarce and in demand pistols today is the Kel-Tec PMR-30. You can’t get one, and many gun dealers have even created sign-up lists for customers to get them as they come in. The PMR-30 isn’t a cheap gun. The MSRP is $415, yet the demand for the PMR-30, after literally years, seems unquenchable. But if I asked you to play word association on guns, and my hint was “plastic 22WMR pistol with orange and green fiber optic sights and a 30 round magazine,” what would you say? Nothing, right? Nothing comes to mind. So what on earth is this gun for? That’s the point. The PMR-30 is for just about everything.

We first got this gun in for review over a year ago and we have been afraid to publish a review because of the negative comments about Kel-Tec not being able to produce enough of them. By now we figured that the demand would catch up, but that is not the case. You can’t blame Kel-Tec though. They have steadily increased manufacturing capacity over the last two years, but there is an unprecedented demand for their guns. Any faster and they would have to compromise quality control, which is unacceptable. Demand has only increased during that time for the PMR-30, as well as all of their pocket guns, the .223 rifles and pistols, Sub-2000, RFB, and the ubiquitous KSG. This speaks volumes for the company mission of Kel-Tec. Put yourself on the list and eventually you’ll get a PMR-30, at a normal price. A lot of people have already commented on our KSG article that they have been able to get them for MSRP, and the PMR-30 is rarely priced over normal retail price.

Our test gun has now been shot repeatedly with dozens of shooters of the course of the last year or so and it has never failed to fire with just about every brand of .22WMR available. It seems to like the Hornady 30 grain V-Max the best, but the 45 grain Critical Defense has been close in accuracy. Inexpensive range ammo from Federal, Winchester, Fiocchi and CCI at less than $10 a box has been almost as accurate, and perfectly acceptable for most jobs you might find for the PMR-30.

That list, of what the gun is good for, is as long as any pistol we have ever tested. It is perfect for small game hunting and as a truck or under the front seat gun. For self defense, the nearly recoil free PMR-30 is ideal for small framed shooters and especially the elderly who can’t handle any recoil, and can’t rack the slide on a regular semi-auto handgun. One round of .22WMR is devastating. Thirty should just about do the trick if someone crashes through your front door in the middle of the night. It is a slightly awkward gun to handle because of the thick grip, but once you get used to it the feeling is very intuitive. We have had several women with small hands shoot the gun and not one have complained that it didn’t fit them.

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