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Posted:  5/31/2012 8:09 AM #31859
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Subject: Juggernaut Rogue Bullpup M1A Chassis System
(Guns America)- Finding the perfect tactical rifle isn’t so simple for some folks. We have to complicate matters, because we just don’t want what everyone else has. Trust me on this one guys and gals. Nobody you know has the Juggernaut Tactical Rogue M1A Bullpup stock from US Tactical Supply. It is an aluminum bullpup masterpiece that will not only add just over 2 pounds to your M1A/M14, it will also be kind enough to set you back a righteous $899. Who can resist that?

I first ran into this bad boy while researching the entity known as “FPS Russia” on Youtube. You may have seen his videos online, as some of them are fairly extreme. He loves to blow stuff up. Turns out FPS is actually not a Russian at all, but an American playing a Russian character for the videos. The amazing thing is that he seems to be able to source every manner of machinegun and techno-soldier toy known to the military industrial complex. He even has helicopters and armed flying tactical drones. This is why some of his videos receive sometimes several million views in the first couple weeks they are up.

Kevin Swanson at US Tactical Supply, who is the primary contact and retail channel for the Juggernaut Rogue, did a video with FPS Russia using a full auto M14, and then he followed it up by making a special FPS Russia version of the Rogue stock that has been chromed, and limited to only ten pieces at $1299 each (a few are left as of this writing). No it isn’t the best coating for hard use in desert, nor is chrome the most ideal urban camouflage, but it’s cool enough for most gun club ooohs and aaaahs, which is a specialty for the Juggernaut Rogue anyway. Not a gun nut alive will be able to resist a turn of the head for this tricked out M1A bullpup, and that alone is worth the close to a grand it takes to own one.
What we found most surprising about the Rogue was how stable and well designed the system is made. This is no cool tricked out toy…

Well, it kinda is, let’s face it, but it isn’t just that.
What the Rogue really does is give you a .308 caliber weapon with a full 16″ barrel and the velocity that goes with that, in a package the size of the tiniest SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). The only other gun that can say this in the world is the Kel-Tec RFB, but for one you can’t get them, and this is an M1A, a United States battle rifle, not an experimental and untested design. The RFB is a nifty gun, but it’s no M1A. If you know how to treat an M1A/M14, they will go and go forever, and they almost never jam or fail to fire.

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