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Posted:  4/24/2013 10:12 AM #37473
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Subject: Super X Pump Marine Defender From Winchester Repeating Arms
Morgan, UT - The new Super X Pump Marine Defender from Winchester Repeating Arms is ready for any weather while on the water, for home protection and competition shooting. The SXP Marine Defender features an inertia-assisted action for faster cycling of shells. Matte Hard Chrome Plating on the barrel and magazine tube offers excellent protection against the elements. A drop out trigger group allows for easy cleaning. The Super X Pump has an 18" barrel and uses the Invector-Plus choke system. A cylinder choke is installed, allowing the SXP to shoot anything from slugs to buck shot. The magazine holds a total of five shells and a removable TruGlo® fiber-optic front sight is included.
Super X Pump Marine Defender
The Super X Pump is drilled and tapped for scope bases. For better handling in all weather conditions, a tactical ribbed forearm gives you more control. The Synthetic stock also features a textured gripping surfaces and has an Inflex Technology Recoil Pad.


Suggested Retail Price is $399.99.


Posted:  4/24/2013 1:58 PM #37478

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About half again what a good pump shotgun should cost, but I like the package overall. As soon as I get my yacht...


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