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Posted:  3/5/2013 3:56 PM #36778
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Subject: Arkansas Signs College Faculty Concealed Gun Carry Into Law… New Push for Statewide Open Carry Bill
From Jan Morgan Media: Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe has signed House Bill 1243 into law! As introduced by state Representative Charlie Collins (R-84), HB 1243 sought to allow staff and faculty of a public university, public college or community college, to carry a concealed handgun in the buildings of the institutions where they are employed if they have a valid Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL). It would also remove the absolute prohibition on CHCL holders carrying into the buildings of a private college or university. Private universities and colleges would still be permitted to establish their own restrictions on CHCL holders.


While this bill was amended in the House Education Committee to provide public colleges and universities the same ability to establish restrictions as private institutions, it remains a pro-gun reform that the NRA supports. HB 1243 is not as broad as when it was introduced, but still represents a clear improvement over the current absolute prohibition on carrying by CHCL holders on university and college campuses.

Arkansas gun owners are now asked to contact their legislators and encourage them to act on House Bill 1408.
HB 1408 is a common sense pro-gun reform that would simply add open carry to the methods by which a current Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) holder may carry his personal protection handgun. While most license holders would likely continue to discreetly carry their handguns concealed , HB 1408 would eliminate any potential problems a license holder may encounter should a concealed firearm accidentally become exposed. It would also allow licensees to remove a jacket during hot weather without running afoul of the current concealed carry statute, should that action cause a handgun to become exposed.

Unfortunately, HB 1408 failed to get the necessary votes to be reported by the House Judiciary Committee—but could be heard again in the future!
If you support HB 1408, contact your House Judiciary Committee and urge them to support passage of this bill and oppose any efforts that will create restrictive and unnecessary regulations for open carrying.

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