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Posted:  2/14/2013 9:12 AM #36468
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Subject: Colo. closer to restricting weapons on campuses
By KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press DENVER (AP) — A gun-control package proposed by Colorado Democrats continued its march through the Legislature Wednesday.One House committee approved a bill to make public college campuses off-limits for concealed weapons. Another committee revived fees for gun purchasers seeking background checks. Both bills passed on party-line 7-6 votes. The campus gun bill was the longer debate, with college students for and against concealed weapons on campus testifying along with gun activists. "When you gather your belongings to head off to your English class or your physics class ... you should not be bringing your gun," said Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, whose district includes the main University of Colorado campus. A separate House committee approved new fees for gun purchasers seeking background checks.
The gun bills were the latest in a package of Democratic gun-control measures under consideration this year. A House committee voted Tuesday to set ammunition limits and expand background checks for gun buyers.
The campus gun measure comes less than a year after Colorado's highest court threw out campus concealed-carry bans. The court said campuses couldn't override state concealed-carry law because campus gun bans weren't approved by the Legislature. The court said lawmakers would be free to enact such a ban, which currently applies only to courthouses, K-12 public schools and places where federal law prohibits concealed weapons.
Republicans warned that banning guns on campuses would simply result in more litigation. A sheriff whose county includes the main Colorado State University campus warned students would be in danger if concealed weapons were banned.

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