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Posted:  7/23/2007 11:44 AM #13343
george howard

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Subject: Savage 24se .22/410
I own a Savage model 24se .22LR./410. Can anything be done to it to shoot .22 magnum shells? If so, does a gunsmith have to perform the work and at what price are we talking? I can buy a .22 mag/410ga. barrel from Brownells for under $200. Has anyone had trouble mounting a scope on the dove tail. I tried 2 different brands of see through rings and they both seem to be leaning to one side as you "eyeball" down the barrel.

Posted:  7/28/2007 9:07 AM #13348

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THere's 2 possible solutions to your .22 Mag question.
You could look into having the barrel relined w/a 22 Mag tube. Basically the existing bore is drilled out oversize and a steel tube w/rifled .22 Mag bore inserted and expoxy'ed in place. Most gunsmiths will do the job for around $100.
Easier and cheaper solution is to rechamber the existing .22LR chamber to accept the .22 Mag round. But there are some considerations. How thick is the barrel on the model 24? I don't have one and from pics in my references it looks pretty slim. The .22 Mag does generate more presure than the .22LR, so it may be a concern.
Also the .22LR bore is slightly smaller than the .22 Mag (bullet).
Generally speaking, in most cases the .22 Mag bullet will fire safetly thru the undersized bore. But there is the probability of increased bore wear. In short, if you shoot it alot, you'll wear down the rifling. Most gunsmiths (that I know) will do a rechamber job for $25. to $30.
Unless you're a machinist and have propers tools, I'd reccomend having te work on both done professionally.
Lastly, the Savage model 24 (including all variations) is a gun that is gaining in colector interest. If you do either of these mods, you will destroy the possible collector value.
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