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Posted:  6/26/2014 8:47 AM #42203
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Subject: U.S.-Cuba Relations May Be Thawing
A breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba relations may be in the offing. On June 14, Uruguayan President Jose Mujica delivered a letter from U.S. President Barack Obama to Cuban President Raul Castro, according to Uruguayan media June 20, containing an offer to begin talks on a variety of issues, most prominently Washington's longstanding economic embargo. According to Uruguayan media, Obama had asked Mujica to help him improve relations with the island nation when Mujica was in Washington in mid-May. If the report is true, the transaction could be the first step toward reconciliation.

Cuba certainly has its reasons for entertaining such an offer. The country's main benefactor, Venezuela, may no longer be in a position to support the Cuban economy. In fact, Venezuela is in the throes of a protracted economic crisis, which is owed partly to declining oil production. Since Cuba depends heavily on Venezuelan oil exports, it may soon have to look elsewhere for its energy needs. Castro was supposedly interested in Obama's offer, provided that it did not necessarily impose conditions on Cuba, but given the situation in Venezuela, Castro would demand that the embargo be lifted in any negotiations.

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Posted:  6/26/2014 5:16 PM #42207

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There are 3 kinds of socialists - national, international, and democratic, but under the skin they're all totalitarians, and they're all cold-blooded, dispassionate killers at heart. It is natural for our socialist President to cozy up to Cuba's socialist dictator. One only wonders how long before Obama apologizes to Cuba, and how low he will bow when he meets his soul-mate Raul again.

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