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Posted:  11/30/2012 10:00 PM #35378

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Subject: Cheap Powder!!!!!!!
While some of the more experienced reloaders and shooters here may already know about pull-down (reclaimed) and surplus gunpowders, some of our newbies may not.

Reclaimed powder is gunpowder taken out of cartridges that are considered unuseable (tarnished, dented, incorrect loading, etc.) by the military. The powder is still perfectly good, and after minor reprocessing, is like new. Or it is simply surplus bulk powder the government decides to sell. These powders are non-canister versions of the powders you already buy - except they're a lot cheaper!
Here are some of the companies I do business with;
I am not connected in any way with these companies, I just wanted to let my brother and sister reloaders in on the deals I found!
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