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Posted:  6/19/2011 7:45 PM #27357
Amazingrace II

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Subject: SHTF Currency.
So, what are your thoughts, if any on the "post" SHTF, whatever scenario currency. Obviously  the scenario must involve the elimination or devalue of currency as we know of it today. Or else this conversation is pointless. Meaning that the paper money that we have is worthless for whatever reason. So then what? What do you think a new form of currency will be.
My own thoughts is that for several years after the event. Trade and barter will be the norm. And maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Then I think it will be 10-20 years, perhaps more until you see some form of accepted coinage or paper currency emerging. 
When the second falls the rest will follow.

Posted:  6/24/2011 8:28 AM #27363

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I think precious metals like gold might still have value to some, but necessities like food and fuel will definitely be worth more to most people.
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Posted:  7/30/2011 5:27 PM #27397

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As a machinist and gunsmith, I have a skill to barter with. I would accept food, ammo, perhaps guns, water, fuel of any type, car or gun parts, perhaps a few other commodities. I would not accept cash, gold or any other precious metals. I would accept steel and aluminum however. And of course trade for other labor.
Interesting proposal, further consideration is warranted.

Posted:  7/30/2011 8:43 PM #27398
Amazingrace II

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I do not understand the preparedness focus person that is fixated on gold , silver or even nickels. Yes, these items do have a place in todays society and money system of investing with return of principal. But, in an event that wipes out the money system that we are currently in, I do not see where these metals will have value.  Steel, iron and sheet goods will have more value, these items are the raw material that will be needed to build rebuild and repair.  Silver, gold and nickels look nice, but have no immediate need or use to anyone. Maybe on a small quality for bribes or payoff to get out of an area which for whatever reason is restricted.
There is allot of talk about how paper currency of today has no true value. That it is based on trust and faith of the issuing government.  Once that trust and faith have been lost then thats when  the paper currency will loose it's value. Examples of this devaluation of a nations currency has been repeated many times in the past. So, why not apply that thought to gold and silver. Meaning, the value of it will be determined by the faith in the person accepting it as payment for an item. Think about that for a minute.......................You have goods, let's say 12 cases of  MREs. Someone wants to trade you for it with a one oz. gold bar.  Do you know that it is gold, do you know how to test it to confirm it's gold?. Or do you just trust that person and give him the 12 cases?. If that same person wanted to trade you a case of ammo or a dozen blankets would you have the same concerns.
I am just saying, I think it will be a  long time before gold and silver will  be used.
I am talking about a time if there is no value in todays currency. As I read though the history of past events such as the one that I suggest, the people wanted and needed food, water, clothing and shelter. There was no need for gold and silver. Maybe for the few at the upper top of the ladder. But, since I am not at the top, I need to be concerned with what works. This is of course my opinion, but it is based on history, of course the question will arise, who's history do you trust.? 

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When the second falls the rest will follow.

Posted:  7/31/2011 10:13 AM #27399

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Aluminum will be a very valuable metal in the near future. Goldman Sachs stores millions of tons of it. Creating shortages of a plentiful commodity.

Posted:  7/31/2011 3:42 PM #27400
Amazingrace II

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In other words, and correct me if I am wrong, Kona. That the value of aluminum today is not true, it is a controlled manufactured value. Withhold the supply to increase the cost or value of any commodity. Would you say it would be true for gold?
Lets face it, the average Joe paying $1,600.00 for one once is not the same as a corporation or country buying a million onces. The price keeps going higher and higher, and the big buyers keep hording, creating a so called shortage. The average Joe feels good because he has his 20 onces of gold @32g. Then one morning he wakes up to find that there was a flood of gold sold in the Asian markets which sent gold prices down 60%. Now he's @19g. So for all of you that says gold will always have value and never was zero, ask Joe how he feels. I see this whole gold thing is setting allot of Joe's up for a big bust. Get as many people invested in gold, drive up the price, then bust it. Taking away the savings of all the Joe's along with it. Now fast forward to a day without currency, are you going to trust someone wanting to buy or trade with you gold for those 12 cases of Joe's. 
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When the second falls the rest will follow.

Posted:  7/31/2011 10:51 PM #27401

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I can understand why y'all would dismiss something such as a precious metal like gold, however, silver does have some uses beyond the use in jewelry and monetary use we see today. In the ancient past during the time of the Greeks and Romans, silver coins would be dropped in the barrels they used to store water while sailing to help keep the water purified. In addition, in the past they would drop coins in wells to keep the water purified as well, how the wishing well came along. Silver has the property of being used to purify why it has been used in purifiers, so if you wanted to keep water you have stored from going bad. Silver also reflects 95 percent of the light that hits its surface making it useful when you need if you need a mirror. Use of it in that manner I believe goes back as far in the lighthouse of Alexandria during the reign of Alexander the great, if not possibly further back in history. Lastly it use to be used to make the bearings in the engines of b-52s and other planes during WWII. Silver is used beyond a monetary purpose based on use in the past.

Posted:  8/1/2011 10:28 AM #27403

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"Analysts question why London's metals market allows big financial players like Goldman to own the warehouses which store huge quantities of metal even as they trade the commodity."

Posted:  8/29/2011 3:50 PM #27700

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there's too much silver, now that it's no longer a major part of photography. Gold coins, 1/10th oz, are not at a premium price at The Coin Shop, Farmington NM. For a while, .22lr ammo will be THE barter item, but eventually, gold will again rule the world. Always has, always will. Silver is too heavy-bulky for its value. Gold is now  $1900 an oz, a year or so ago it was barely 1k. The rest of the world KNOWS that the US is "paying for" these wars, bailouts, etc, simply by printing more $, so they are DUMPING $ for gold, to try to protect themselves from our inflation.

Posted:  9/8/2011 6:34 PM #27905
Amazingrace II

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RC, thanks for the interesting history lesson. Sounds like you are well read, I did a little research of the silver in the water for purification, seams that it is a good idea, good knowledge to have in the memory bank. I am out of the precious metals, seams like a big set up for a big bust. I think small amounts in small potions would be good to give out as payoffs to authorities figures if the need arises. But, for a day to day transfer or barter situation I would favor materials, goods, food and water. Although, a long long term preparedness plan might involve some gold. If in the event, say 5-10 after the shtf, maybe things start to get civil again. It might be a way to regain some wealth in the "post" shtf society.
Skewed, I think you may have touched on the spark that will set off the shtf. 
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When the second falls the rest will follow.

Posted:  9/8/2011 9:01 PM #27906

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all the other countries' leaders are PRETENDING that the US dollar still has value, but all the businessmen know better and are dumping it for gold. It won't take long for gold to again have value, post shtf.  2-3 years at most. Barter is quite unsatisfactory, I may have a cow, which has value, but I aint trading it for a few bushels of grain, even tho I need the grain desperately. So some medium of exchange is needed. I think it will be .22lr ammo, as long as it is sealed up some way, cause it draws moisture at the case-mouth.

Posted:  10/24/2011 10:19 PM #28714

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Anything that people generally feel that need to survive and enjoy life is what I believe will be used for trade. People will of course be wanting to trade for food, water,ammunition, medical supplies, alcohol, tobacco, and sexual favors. Yep.. I said it. Im sure there will be designated trading areas set up all around to do all of this, for the simple fact that it will be too dangerous to go knocking on a strangers door. I'll meet you guys there. Ill be the guy packing my 60 inch plasma screen willing to trade for anything.

Posted:  12/20/2011 10:34 PM #29503

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I hope we never get there, but...
Anyway, Skewed made a good point.  The traditional precious metals will fetch a meal or an entreaty, or safe passage, ransom etc.,  but how much gold can you carry, and what do you pay for it now vs. what it will buy then, how do you break it down?  Metals are over-priced.  Forget gold (just a label that could get you killed  <<  Aye, the lad's got gold in his purse and he's headed south....>>
Silver is more reasonable, though not quite as testable at a trade.  But, I'll have to note that our "Chesspiece friend" hits the mark.  ***>>>AMMUNITION<<<***  would be the currency of the day for quite some time.....

Posted:  12/21/2011 7:31 PM #29542

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It is my belief that in a true SHTF scenario that "currency" as we know it will no longer exist.  Whether it's money or gold/silver.  Think about it, when people have nothing and are scrounging for food etc. (the non-preppers), what value would gold/silver have?  NONE!
Most likely things will evolve into a barter/trade type of economy.  IMHO the following items will be worth something:
-Medicine/first aid items.
-Warm clothing/socks.
-Gasoline/diesel/kerosene/propane, etc.
-Weapons/ammunition/cleaning kits.
-Plastic sheeting/duct tape.
-Gardening tools/hand tools.
-Personal/feminine hygene supplies.  The list goes on and on...
It boils down to whatever you have that someone else needs is going to be worth something.  Hopefully they will have something you need and a barter/trade can be made.  That being said, these things must be guarded because there are those people that would much rather kill you and take it than trade with you.
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Posted:  1/10/2012 5:12 PM #29857

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This has been a topic I have discussed with some like minded people at work. Several said they were already converting to silver and such. The items we perceive as having value now are based on historic significance, current trends, cultural heritage, and social position. Ever watch Pickers, I see them buy things I think is just junk and would not think twice but to throw away.
If I had know my Star Wars lunch box would have been worth $250, $300 with the thermos I would have taken better care of it. You know what they say though one mans trash another mans treasure. Funny, today was trash day in my area I did something I have not done since I was a kid, I stopped and took a fishing pole out of someones refuse can. It was a perfectly good Zebco, still had the price tag on it and the slip ties over the real. To each his own.
I agree with BigDukeSix,what will be really valuable the second after a SHTF moment will be items we need to survive, over time as things settle and stabilize people will begin to miss the things they had and trade for something that invokes an emotion a luxury item.
In the movie Water World it was paper any kind of paper, no one could read, but it reminded people of a different time. Who know what those things will be valuable five or ten years from now after a SHTF scenario, you can only guess an MP3 player, a piece of candy etc... What good is gold or silver, diamonds, ruby's or pearls in a world that may not remember why they were valuable in the first place, or a world thirsting or starving to death. Right after Katrina when volunteer's started bringing in water and food, anyone there would have given you a wedding ring, a watch, a car, just about anything for some fresh water, hot food, and clean clothes. Not to mention some ATM's and local banks were unavailable for weeks even if you had money you could not get to it, bartering was the trade of the day.
I think a bucket of freeze dried food would be a good thing to have in storage, I personally prefer MRE's so I could use the freeze dried as currency and since it is a lot less than MRE's it may be a good investment. Worse case is I would actually have to eat it in 20 years. Who knows what food prices will be in 20 years? Anyway doesn't look like food is going down anytime soon. You could hedge your grocery bill by 20 years buying food today! Just a thought.
I also think any kind of water filtration device and water purification tablets would make good stores for barter currency.
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Posted:  3/20/2012 5:39 PM #30839
Gun Guru78

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The reason that gold and silver will be worth something when the SHTF is cause when things turn back to normalcy those will have value.  Remember all the countries in the world their currency is backed by gold or some other expensive commodity.  Some of the key things that will hold good value is salt, sugar, water, fuel, ammo, guns, knives, solar power, wind generators, any water filtration devices, seeds, medical supplies etc.  Any of these things will be a prized commodity at the time.  Eventually things will return but it could take years. 

Posted:  10/28/2012 3:15 PM #34842
guy fawkes

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ever tried to go a couple days with out coffee? remember the headache? folgers or no doz pills. also booze, make white lightning! chapstick and of course 22lr
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Posted:  10/28/2012 6:57 PM #34845

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NOTHING has intrinsic value unless the market it is traded in gives it value. ANYTHING can be used for money with the consent of the buyer and seller. EVERYTHING has been used for money - from pure precious metals to debased precious metals to 'backed' currency to floated currency to I.O.U.s to plastic cards representing electronic money, to sex, to beads, rocks, shells, and other assorted wampum. It doesn't matter what we give value to as long as everybody agrees to the valuation. We can, if we want, assign values to paper clips, thumb tacks, aspirin tablets, or penne pasta macaroni. As long as buyer and seller agrees.
After TEOTWAWKI, what is the real value of anything? A can of FrancoAmerican Spaghetti Os is worth a TON of gold if you're hungry enough, and if I have the spaghetti, I'll take ALL your gold, thank you very much. And that watch too. And by the way, are those shoes size 13EEE? Great, throw them in as well. Or I'll settle for all your ammunition and  half an hour with your teenage daughter. The can of noodles is all yours. Bon appetit. Barter fails because values are not predictable, consistent or reliable.
Since nobody is going to be mining anything after the SHTF, and since few if anybody has the ways and means of subdividing and weighing out gold or silver coins into manageable pieces, and since nobody is familiar with using anything else for money, it makes perfect sense just to use money for money. DUHHH! NO, the money won't be backed by any government and it will have no intrinsic value. So what. Shells, beads and wampum have no intrinsic value either. Got some beads there paleface? Wanna buy an island? Yeah? Deal! There is no learning curve with dollars and cents, everybody already understands it and it is already universally recognized. Will a $20 bill be worth the same as it once was? Probably not. After the SHTF it might be worth more or less, depending on the agreement between buyer and seller. But over time, and I believe a very short period of time, the value of money will return and stabilize simply because nothing else will work as well, and it is in everyone's mutual interest that something starts working. A universally accepted means of exchange is as important as a common language in getting the post-apocalyptic recovery process going.
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Posted:  11/14/2012 6:14 PM #35136

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Well lets assume we are very post on this event. Right afterwords, food and water will be priceless items. Electricity will be a priceless item, Fuel will be a priceless item. 
But one thing that I think will carry a high value all the way through is ALCOHOL. A good ole bottle of something hard will really be a commodity.  
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