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Posted:  4/2/2009 6:13 PM #15061
1911 fan

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Subject: Cleaning...
Does anyone actually clean their AK besides maybe running a boresnake through it after several thousand rounds and perhaps spray it with CLP?
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Posted:  4/15/2009 1:08 PM #15626
Speed Biker

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After a few hundred rounds I hose everything out with Gun Scrubber or similar product. Make sure to re-oil everything as this stuff removes all oil in the metal.

Posted:  4/15/2009 5:42 PM #15638

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Ok so maybe I'm wierd but I tend to clean my AKM like I do any other. Clean weapons function alot better than dirty ones.


Posted:  4/16/2009 10:40 PM #15831

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cleaning is part of the fun of it all at least it is to me. Also it enables you to work in a little fondling at the same time. Seriously though, the longer you go without cleaning the thing, the harder you will work to get some of that stuff off. If I ever have to defend myself using this gun, I don't want to have a hiccup because It was too dirty. They can take alot of abuse but why give it if it's not an emergency?

Posted:  4/17/2009 7:52 AM #15873

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Posted by woodcutter:
cleaning is part of the fun of it all at least it is to me. Also it enables you to work in a little fondling at the same time...

HAHA! I'm glad that somebody finally admitted to it. I wasn't going to.
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Posted:  4/18/2009 10:28 PM #15988

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Ha Ha, Ben I suppose one of us had to break the ice. We all do it. You never know, you might just discover something weird happening with your gun one day while cleaning/ fondling, such as something loose or getting ready to break. It's a peace of mind thing to know when the gun goes back in the safe it's ready to go next time. Sometimes I will pull one out to inspect it and see a spot that I can't believe I missed when I cleaned it last. Oh joy! I need to get out the cleaning stuff again and look it over! Maybe I'm a little anal about it, but to me it doesn't hurt to run a snake through the ones that have been sitting in the safe for a long time without being fired just to be sure no moisture has a chance to form.

Posted:  4/19/2009 8:44 PM #15998
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Posted:  4/19/2009 9:43 PM #16003

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You know it! Good ole Hoppes #9. Mmmmmmmmm...Hoppes

Posted:  4/20/2009 4:42 PM #16025

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Posted by: woodcutter cleaning is part of the fun of it all at least it is to me.

I agree with you, even if it is a gun that most people treat like trash.

Posted:  4/21/2009 6:05 PM #16093

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I clean mine with a boresnake after every time I shoot it, using the Hoppe's cleaner and oil that came with the boresnake. Periodically, I also take the rifle apart and clean the barrel with the cleaning rod and a surplus toolkit brush before running the snake through, and I wipe all the soot off of all the parts.

The AK is such an easy rifle to take apart and reassemble, there's almost no excuse not to do so regularly for cleaning.

I have to agree with Woodcutter, too - taking the gun apart is a great way to get to know it better, and spot anything that might be going wrong. I think knowing how to take it apart and put it back together right helps more to feel more confident about taking care of the gun if anything goes wrong.
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Posted:  4/22/2009 2:08 AM #16106

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You got oil with your boresnake? I must have gotten the basic package. I have never tried to use the rods that go with the weapon they seem like a pain and a little too short to use. With me they are there to keep the gun looking original so I use the ones that come in the cheap gun cleaning kits. I have two, one with the brush and the other with the jag so it cuts down on the tip switching back and forth. The surplus kit parts won't work with the commercially made ones. Those gun carried ones would be better than nothing if we were stranded someplace and that's all there was but that would seem like a "Red Dawn" situation for sure. I always plan to be back at the house before dark.
I remember the day I swapped out the trigger for a G2 for the first time and I was sweating it until I figured it out how easy it was. Planning ahead I got one of those retainer clips that keep the two axis pins in place so I never had to struggle with that funky piece of wire. Swapping out the gas piston was interesting too. Having to do compliance parts swapping is stupid. At least now I have spare parts.

Posted:  4/23/2009 12:15 AM #16134

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Yes - the boresnake came with a spray can of Hoppes' #9 solvent, a bottle of Hoppes' gun oil, a plastic T-handle (which I've never needed; the end of the snake would wrap around it to make pulling it easier), some sealed foil packages of anti-rust cleaning wipes, and a Velcro pouch to hold everything in. I seem to recall the boresnake kit wasn't labeled as 7.62, but instead as .30 calibre - they should be the same thing, and the .30 calibre kit seems to work OK on my .32, too. The bottle of oil will last longer than the can of solvent, but I'm using the leftover oil as light machine oil on other tools, and bought a new kit, as the snake started looking a little ragged.

The AK cleaning rod seems to work alright - it doesn't look like it, but it is just long enough to get the job done. To use it, I take the dust cover and bolt assembly off the AK, spray some solvent into the barrel from the back of the rifle, and push the rod forward through the barrel from the back of the rifle until the brush clears the front, then I gently draw it back; I repeat three or four times, then draw the snake through from the back of the rifle to the muzzle three or four times, being careful to pull the snake straight through the barrel to avoid uneven wear on the inside edges of the muzzle. I usually spray just enough solvent on the first four inches of the snake to get it damp, and then on the last pass I'll add about three or four small drops of oil around the end of the snake just before the large loop. This seems to keep the barrel clean, at least, but the gas block and gas tube seem to be the hardest parts of the AK to clean, and I haven't really gotten those sparkling clean. I would estimate that I use the bore snake by itself to clean the rifle after about 90 to 120 rounds or so, and the stock cleaning kit and the boresnake every 360 to 600 rounds or so. This probably isn't the most effective cleaning I could give it, but I'd hope it's better than the traditional "shoot several thousand rounds and leave it in the back of the closet for a few months" or "knotted boot lace + diesel fuel" methods :)
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Posted:  10/30/2010 1:20 PM #24392

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I clean my AK after every shooting session, formerly used Hoppes but now usually Kroil on a patch to wet the bore and then the AK supplied bore brush and then patches until they come out clean. When field stripped, the inner rails are lightly greased as well as the
bolt's shaft where it goes into the bolt carrier. Old USMC habits are hard to break. Oh, if using a steel cleaning rod, remember that you can wear out the end of the barrel with that rod unless you use the AK cleaning kit cap to place over the cleaning rod and over the end of the barrel after removing the flash hider. Tipton cleaning rods avoid the problem.

Posted:  9/2/2011 5:39 PM #27832

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I've never cleaned my AR nearly that often! Other than, that is, to clean the bore. I just spray another shot of WD-40 on the bolt, thru the ejection port and another one into the chamber and keep on shooting.

Posted:  12/12/2011 2:59 PM #29287

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I clean my AK's the same as I do all of my other weapons.

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