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Posted:  6/19/2013 9:34 AM #38160
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Subject: This is why everyone should have a revolver.
From The Old Gunhand: I am typing this with one hand, perhaps something more familiar to those who have not been typing since they were 10 years old.  The day before my birthday my left hand started hurting enough for me to stop using it. I could not extend my fingers or make a fist. My guess is that between work and blogging, I was spending too much time at the keyboard combined with an extensive shooting session.  I did my usual web research and came to the conclusion it was tendonitis, a condition that would require taking an over the counter inflammatory and using ice packs. Seems to be working but it got me started thinking about something I have written about; why all seniors should have at least one revolver.


In gun forums I have often spoken about having a revolver in your arsenal for those occasions when you do not have the use of both hands. For us older gunhands, those occasions seem to come suddenly and all too often. I normally have problems with my hands due to nerve damage and arthritis. Tendonitis is something new and a great birthday gift to remind me that each year is not making me stronger and better. However, I plan for such events and had my trusty J-Frame snub nose ready to go. I loaded it with some mild Hornady FTX 110 gr. .38 spl ammo and was good to go. I could even reload it. Using a semi auto was out of the question as there was no way I could rack a slide and press a magazine or slide release. Be prepared, and I was.

I just wanted to post this reminder for older shooters that if you can afford more than one carry gun and holster, one setup should be suitable for those times when medical problems prohibit carrying your primary gun. A snub nose and pocket holster is a great setup for those times and something everyone should consider. I have to keep this short as it is slow going for me to type like this and my left hand keeps wondering to the keyboard undoing all the healing it has undergone. Something to think about whether it is hand problems, bad back (I have both), etc.. A simple, lightweight easy to use gun that will not strain any part of your body that you carry it on, is always a good idea for seniors.  Even with one hand I was able to load it by laying it down and that reminded me of why I keep it handy. It even makes a good primary gun for seniors and is very popular with the retired LEO I know. I cannot imagine trying to clear a jam in a semi auto with the condition of my hands today so I am comforted by my revolver; well two actually since I bought the Alaskan to use as a backup home defense gun which it is now is doing. I planned ahead just in time. I have it stoked with .45 LC self defense rounds but if a bear tries a home invasion I am ready with a box of 20 .454 Casull. That reminds me, I have to cancel my range trip this week where I was going to shoot the .454 Casull for the first time. Best to wait until I can use both hands.


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