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Posted:  5/25/2012 1:01 PM #31812

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Subject: Survivalist Dating: Who wants to kill zombies alone?
I found the following on Do anyone of you read that website?
"Don’t want to spend the end world by yourself? Ditch your profile and find that survivalist single for you.

gas mask couple


December 21st, 2012 is quickly approaching, which explains the huge boom in niche survivalist websites. Sites like, and are springing up to cater to this growing demand. And with more and more people becoming “survivalists”, the need has never been higher.


You no longer have to feel like you’re wearing a tinfoil hat when talking to someone about your need to be prepared.

The survivalist dating scene is so big right now there is even a movie “Seeking a friend for the end of the world” and I have received several casting e-mails from networks looking for single preppers for a new reality TV show in the style of Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Bunkers.

Preppers looking for love can even find survivalists with specific skills like canning, shooting, natural medicine and hunting. From beginning preppers down to the experts, Mr. or Mrs. right may be out there looking for you. After all, what brings couples together more than the apocalypse?"

More Resources

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Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World? Try Survivalist Dating Sites – Io9

Photo by Bryce Pollett

CTD Forum Moderator

Posted:  5/26/2012 4:55 PM #31821

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Great info.  Now if only my wife would let me date!  LOL
~Stay safe, stay prepared!

~Remember, two is one and one is none. Always have a backup!

~If you show up for a fair fight, you are NOT prepared!

Posted:  5/26/2012 9:47 PM #31822

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That is funny, but practical at the same time.

Posted:  10/19/2012 8:59 AM #34692

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Oh, LOL!   Now all we need is an Apocalypse Adult Friend Finder for the swingers in the crowd.
Hmmm...I wonder of that domain name is taken?

Seriously, it DOES make sense, and if you approach the idea with humor, even better.

Posted:  10/21/2012 4:49 PM #34731
Mr. Bud

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Hmmm... not sure about that... first since I already have a wife, that might not be practical, but more importantly, I don't want to have to watch out for someone who may trip me and leave me behind!@import url(;
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