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Posted:  10/15/2013 8:50 AM #39391
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Subject: Bullpup Unlimited’s Remington 870 Conversion Kit
USA -( Many of us own Remington 870 shotguns, and if you don’t own an 870 then chances are you own a Mossberg 500. But today, we focus on a new product out on the market, a Remington 870 bullpup conversion kit from a company called Bullpup Unlimited. From the Bullpup Unlimited website. The founder is a 26 year law enforcement veteran who has since retired. He has always been a fan of bullpup shotguns and has a sizable personal collection. But he wanted to take a Remington 870 and somehow turn it into a bullpup.


Seeing as no one on the market did this, he tapped into his American entrepreneurial spirit and decided to figure it out on his own.
Bullpup Unlimited’s Remington 870 Conversion Kit

The result is what you see here:

Posted:  10/16/2013 1:40 PM #39409

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Since I have a 10 shot magazine tube, and consequently a longer barrel on my Remington 1100, a bull pup conversion for that weapon would be a definite improvement in maneuverability. But NOOOOOOO, these jerks only make this stock for 870 pump guns, and besides, they want almost $400 (when you include tax)for it. FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS FOR A PLASTIC STOCK. Nothing like a quadruple keystone price! Sorry, I'll wait for the Chinese or Tapco or somebody to copy this thing at a reasonable price.

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