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Posted:  2/21/2013 9:55 AM #36607
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Subject: Top Four Home Defense Shotguns
Manasquan, NJ -(  No matter where you live in the USA in 2013 you have seen home invasions on the rise. For this reason and since the President’s push for disarmament of the U. S. gun owner, I have had student after student ask me what is the best shot gun for home defense or self defense? Shotguns make excellent guns for at home protection as they are easy to maneuver and simple to operate. Pump and auto loading shotguns with a barrel length of 18 to 22 inches is the optimum choice for home defense. They are completely reliable and stupid simple for most everyone but the most fanatical progressive to operate.

So I came up with my best four picks for the Top Four Home Defense Shotguns for reliable home protection.

My Top Five Home Defense Shotguns Short List Goes Like this:

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun

Remington 870 Pump Shot Gun:
The 870 is a classic home defense gun from back in the day and is still an easy goto weapon for anyone. In fact any of the 870 models will work just fine. I happen to like the Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun.

Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Magpul Shotgun:
From Remington: No task is too demanding and no challenge is too intense with our rugged, ultra-dependable and ever-expanding selection of tactical shotguns. Our lineup keeps growing to serve the needs of law enforcement, the military, competitive shooters and people defending their homes and loved ones.

When you’re in the most demanding environments and every second counts, Remington’s tactical shotguns give you the confidence and firepower to get the job done.


  • Tried and true 870 receiver milled from solid steel
  • 18.5″ barrel with extended tactical choke tube
  • Receiver and barrel features tough, weather resistant Cerakote coating
  • One piece magazine tube
  • Fully adjustable XS Ghost Ring Sight rain with removable white bead front sight
  • SGA Magpul stock
  • Spacer system for length of pull adjustment
  • Cheek risers for use with optics/raised sights
  • MOE fore-end with improved grip ergonomics
  • SuperCell pad reduces felt recoil by over 50%
Mossberg 590A1 TactLight Forend Shotgun

Mossberg 590A1 TactLight Forend Shotgun

Mossberg’s 590 A1 Shotguns Series
Much like remington 870 series the 590 A1 has multiple models that we get the job of home defense done but I prefer the Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Light Forend Shotgun for the built in flashlight, an essential tool in your home defense kit.

From Mossberg: The forend houses an L3/Insight Technology light, (which you can buy separately and upgrade current shotgun) delivering 125 peak lumens, ambidextrous side touch pad operation with Temporary On, Fixed On, Strobe beam settings. Shock-resistant.


  • 3″ Chambered Models in 12 Gauge
  • Heavy-Walled Barrels, Metal Trigger Guard and Safety Buttons Built to Mil-Spec Demands
  • 18.5 or 20″ Barrels, 6 or 9-Shot Capacities
  • Tri-Rail Forend and Tactical Light Forend Models
  • Free Gun Lock/10-Year Limited Warranty Included
  • Gauge 12
  • Chamber Size 3″
  • Capacity 6
  • Barrel 18.5″
  • Sights Bead
  • Chokes Cylinder Bore
  • Overall Length 39.5″
  • Length Of Pull 13.875″
  • Barrel Finish Parkerized
  • Stock Synthetic (Black)
  • Weight 7.5 lb
Arsenal’s SGL12 Semi-Auto Saiga 12-Gauge Shotgun

Arsenal’s SGL12 Semi-Auto Saiga 12-Gauge Shotgun

Saiga 12-gauge Shotguns
Based on the ultra reliable gas operated action of the classic Ak47 rifle, the Saiga SGL Shotguns are a rock steady choice for home defense.

SGL12-07, Russian 12-gauge shotgun that incorporates a mil-spec original Russian buttstock, the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip, and all the reliability that you expect from this Saiga shotgun with detachable magazine. Unlike aftermarket conversion shotguns, this factory manufactured unit does not have any unnecessary riveted holes on the sides of the receiver and does not compromise the integrity and value of your shotgun. Like our other SGL12 Shotguns, it has the same fit and finish as our SGL21 and 31 series rifles. Components include 922r compliant parts, mil-spec Buttstock, and trigger group. This variant features the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip for a real comfortable grip with all the reliability that you expect from this Saiga shotgun with a detachable magazine. Unlike aftermarket conversion shotguns, this factory manufactured unit does not have any unnecessary riveted holes on the sides of the receiver and does not compromise the integrity and value of your shotgun.

K-Var is proud to sell FIME’s own 12 gauge Saiga shotgun. This Saiga 12 was manufactured at the Izhmash Factory in Russia and Imported through FIME Group, LLC in Las Vegas. This Saiga 12 is the perfect balance between price and added features for an extremely reliable semi-automatic shotgun.

Designed as an all purpose shotgun, this Saiga will deliver the unprecedented performance needed. Chambered in the versatile and functional 12-gauge round, this semi-auto shotgun has all the standard features seen on the original Saiga that allows it to operate in the harshest environments with virtually any type of ammunition. This rifle comes with a chrome lined barrel which allows the use of many different types of ammunition to include steel. FIME’s Saiga 12 Is capable of cycling both 2 ¾“ and 3” magnum shells.

As with all Saiga 12′s, this shotgun is not designed to use low pressure shells.

Saiga 12 gauges come standard with the bolt hold open feature. This allows for a quicker change time between magazines (ideal for hunters and home defense alike). With all of the available accessories on the market for these Saiga 12’s the possibilities are endless.

This shotgun was manufactured utilizing the Kalashnikov gas system. This gas system reduces the felt recoil dramatically and will be a guaranteed hit with every squeeze of the trigger. It will be capable of shooting in either a single shot operation, allowing use of all the gases in order to increase the velocity of the round or in the standard semi-auto mode.

As with all rifles and shotguns that K-Var offers these will be backed by FIME Group’s standard warranty, hunters, sportsmen, and persons interested in self defense can’t go wrong with this Saiga.

Summary: Saiga 12 Gauge shotgun, LE Variation, chrome lined smoothbore 19” barrel – This Saiga 12 was manufactured at the World Famous Izhmash Factory in Russia and Imported through FIME Group LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. This semi auto shotgun is featured original and added features configuration from Saiga. Will shoot both 2 3/4 “and 3” magnum. Bolt-Lock option and One-Shot or Semi-Auto Adjustable Gas tube, Black Stock Set, Warsaw Pact length Buttstock, New generation SAW type Russian pistol grip.

Made using only new mil spec. parts.

SGL12 is shipped with one 5-round Russian magazine, cleaning kit, cleaning brush, oil bottle & a Saiga adjustment tool.


  • Caliber: 12-gauge
  • Total Length: 978 mm (38 1/2 in.)
  • Barrel Length: 483 mm (19 in.)
  • Weight without Magazine: 3.11 kg (6.85 lbs.)
Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun

Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun

Hawk 12 GA. Pump Defense Shotgun
The Hawk Model 982 is patterned after America’s favorite 12 GA pump, (see if you can guess which one from the choices above) and features a machined solid steel receiver, an 18 1/2″ barrel with 3 inch chamber and an adjustable ghost ring sight. This traditional pump action model is fitted with polymer stocks with recoil pad and has a black matte finish.


  • MODEL: HAWK 982
  • BARREL: 18 1/2″
  • MSRP: $284.99

The truth is almost all shotguns will work well for home defense but if you have a choice any one of the four above will do the job with room to spare and more than that they are all fun to shoot and will work well for Three Gun Competition as well as the occasional clay shoot.

Do you have another gun that is your favorite or you think is a better choice. Drop me a note in the comments below.

Posted:  2/21/2013 12:52 PM #36616

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Pumps are bee-ess. Autoloaders rule!  As soon as I can afford it I will acquire a Saiga 12 and a 20 round drum magazine. Nothing else comes close in firepower - can you say "metalstorm?" Whether I keep the Remington 1100 I have now, with its 10 round tube and assault stock - we'll just have to see.

Posted:  2/25/2013 7:56 AM #36633

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Im surprised not to see the moss 500 on this list.

Posted:  3/24/2013 3:34 PM #37047
Roast Pork

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Versa Max Tatical baby.
 The pinnacle of autoloader reliability is customized with a picatinny rail, foward barrel-clamp side rails and an extended magazine.

Key Features:

  • Proven, reliable VERSA MAX platform
  • 8+1 Capacity
  • ProBore choke system includes both IC and Tactical Extended Choke Tubes
  • Oversized bolt release button and bolt release
  • Oversized trigger guard for easy operation when wearing gloves
  • Receiver mounted Picatinny rail
  • HiViz front sight
  • Picatinny barrel clamp for accessories mounting

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