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Posted:  5/7/2013 11:28 AM #37642
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Subject: The Feature by Rich Grassi
(The Rich Grassi's NRA Round-up EDITOR'S NOTE: Today, more on new products we saw at the weekend's NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Today, Tactical Wire Editor Rich Grassi shares some of the pieces of gear he thinks worth your considering. On Wednesday, Paul Erhardt will have a look at the competition shooting side of the new product area. On Thursday, Jim Shepherd will offer a few of the general products that would be useful in a variety of outdoor activities. New products were relatively scarce at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting and Expo, but here were a few that caught my attention:

A new rendition of the popular FN SC 1 Over/Under shotgun line designed for entry-level competitive shooters. The new gun will be offered in 12-gauge 2 3/4" magnum with a striated green laminate fixed stock and black anodized aluminum receiver. Standard features on the new SC 1 include the 30-inch ported barrel for enhanced recoil management, black- banded Invector-PlusTM chokes, adjustable, recoil activated single-stage trigger weighing in at 5.5-7 lbs. with dual function tang safety, brass mid bead and fiber-optic front bead. Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the SC 1TM has not been released. FNH-USA

Secure-Mat from Secure Firearm Products (SFP) is a neat item for anyone from the occasional/avid shooter, home gunsmith, or pro gunsmith that enables everyone to have a soft, non-slip neoprene mat surface to work on or clean firearms. It features an integrated magnet system in the upper right hand corner of the mat to prevent the loss of small parts and springs. Secure Firearms Products

DoubleStar announced the MSD - Mil-Spec Dragon. An "as close as you can get" analog to the military M4 (except for the 16" barrel length, the semi-auto bolt carrier, and no "giggle-switch). This ca. $1200 suggested retail carbine will become available in early 2014. DoubleStar

Kel-Tec announced their new CL-43 flashlight. Made from 6061 aluminum, hard-coat anodized or in Cerakote (five colors available), the light operates on three CR123 batteries and uses a Cree XP-G LED. Kel-Tec

Colt Mustang XSP, a polymer frame .380 Mustang, has a blackened stainless steel slide and a squared trigger guard. The operating system is an apparent analog to the original, a single-action with a thumb safety. The 2 3/4" .380 has a suggested retail of $649. Colt

The Brite-Strike EPLI pocket flashlight, like the one I've been carrying for a few months as a spare, was awarded the NRA Golden Bullseye Award for "Gear of the Year." A tough and bright little light, the EPLI (Executive Precision Lighting Instrument) runs on two AAA Alkalines and yields up to 220 lumens - yet people tried to pull mine out of my shirt pocket because they needed a pen . . .>Brite-Strike

A little, hammer-fired .380, the Beretta PICO is a modular pistol capable of using various color different grip-frames (including one with a LaserMax laser) and being user-convertible to .32 Auto. It's extremely thin (think easily hidden) and has sights you can see and use. Beretta PICO

SureFire has upgraded the Scout light (weapon light) in its new M620C Scout Light Ultra configuration - a copy of which was just unveiled at NRA. Using the M93 Throw Lever mount and the SureFire switch you've become accustomed to, the 620C Ultra puts 500 lumens on target - up from 200 lumens from its predecessor. It'll start shipping in a few weeks. SureFire

From Walther Arms, a big draw was the first five-inch PPQ in the US. Just like the current generation PPQ (behind the trigger guard button magazine release instead of the base of the trigger guard paddles), the show sample had a nice trigger and is ergonomic like the original PPQ line.

That's what I saw...and as the boss always says, we'll keep you posted.

--Rich Grassi

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Hmmm, in this photo, the Pico looks positively gi-huge-ic - even bigger than already bloated-beyond-belief Colt Mustang XSP. I wonder what that Pico must weigh - it looks to be damn near three-quarters of a pound or more. And that's empty. Loaded it's surely off the scale.Way too much gun for pocket carry.             

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