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Posted:  5/16/2013 9:46 AM #37761
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Subject: Understanding Pena Nieto's Approach to the Cartels
By Scott Stewart - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's approach to combating Mexican drug cartels has been a much-discussed topic since well before he was elected. Indeed, in June 2011 -- more than a year before the July 2012 Mexican presidential election -- I wrote an analysis discussing rumors that, if elected, Pena Nieto was going to attempt to reach some sort of accommodation with Mexico's drug cartels in order to bring down the level of violence. Such rumors were certainly understandable, given the arrangement that had existed for many years between some senior members of Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party and some powerful cartel figures during the Institutional Revolutionary Party's long reign in Mexico prior to the election of Vicente Fox of the National Action Party in 2000. However, as we argued in 2011 and repeated in March 2013, much has changed in Mexico since 2000, and the new reality in Mexico means that it would be impossible for the Pena Nieto administration to reach any sort of deal with the cartels even if it made an attempt. Read More »

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Mexico and the Cartels are in life and death struggle against each other, and the winner will be the side that realizes only a war of extermination will do. Forget the law and the criminal justice system, this is a military problem, and it will require almost total mobilization. No more Mr. Nice Guy. War is hell. Drug lords, their minions and even their customers must be declared to be rebels, and the military must be able to shoot them on sight. If it only kills a couple of million people, Mexico will be lucky. But it's that, or oblivion.

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