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Posted:  5/19/2014 8:53 AM #41768
CTD Poll

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Subject: Would you consider buying a "smart gun?"
Poll: Would you consider buying a "smart gun?"
  No   80%
 28   Votes
  Yes   3%
 1   Votes
  Maybe   17%
 6   Votes
Total Votes:  35

Posted:  5/19/2014 1:38 PM #41789

Joined: 5/2/2012
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NO - not as we understand the "smart" technology today. And never as long as it takes a second piece of equipment to make the gun function. If at some future date a smart gun can be made that instantly recognizes some aspect of the owner - fingerprint, pheromones, scent, whatever and is proven to be reliable and hacker-proof, and cannot be controlled in any way by the government, and is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP - then maybe.

Posted:  7/21/2014 8:39 PM #42445

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My Smith & Wesson Model 66 is as smart as it needs to be right now.

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