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Posted:  1/15/2014 10:21 AM #40404
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Subject: Polymer Rhino Photos
From Guns, Holsters and Gear: By Richard Johnson - Chiappa is now making a polymer frame version of the Rhino revolver.  The polymer frame Rhino works the same as existing Rhino revolvers, but is chambered for the .38 Special +P, not .357 Magnum.  The guns hold six rounds. MKS Supply handles distribution of Chiappa products in the United States.  Representatives at both Chiappa and MKS Supply advised the guns were in production and would be imported into the US as soon as possible.  I would expect to see these in US sales channels within two months.

Chippa Rhino polymer

polymer Chiappa rhino

polymer rhino

Chiappa polymer rhino

Read the original article here: . Make sure you visit for all of the latest gun news, reviews and SHOT Show coverage.

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