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Posted:  6/6/2014 11:28 AM #41980
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Subject: Glock Execs & Gun distributor indicted for illegal bribes
From TheFirearmBlog, by Steve Johnson- The Kansas City Business Journal reports that the owner of firearms distributor OMB Guns has been indicted for wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. He allegedly paid $1 million in bribes to Glock executives. Brianne Pfannenstiel reports …"John Sullivan Ralph III, an Olathe firearms distributor, has been indicted on charges of paying more than $1 million in illegal bribes and kickbacks to executives of Glock Inc. Ralph owned Global Guns & Hunting Inc., which did business as OMB Guns. He is charged with one count of conspiracy, 11 counts of wire fraud and 10 counts of money laundering.


Ralph allegedly paid Glock executives in return for giving his company priority access to limited products as well as steering government contracts and sales of firearms to government agencies to him, a release said.

… Also included in the indictment are four others: Glock’s assistant national sales manager, its Eastern regional manager and both of their wives."

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Posted:  6/7/2014 6:50 AM #41988

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease and in this case mucho dinero.

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