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Posted:  4/3/2013 8:18 AM #37211
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Subject: The New Mauser – M12
(The Eagerly awaited – finally launched:  The new M12 will feature the Mauser’s acclaimed quality at an affordable price. The rifle is available with a wood stock as well as the M12 Extreme which will feature the synthetic stock.  Both provide the proven Mauser features of solid steel construction with a smooth trigger pull and interlocking barrel. The Mauser M12’s technical attributes and accuracy are enhanced by elegant design features including a classic straight stock, pistol grip, fine checkering and wood scalloping around the receiver.  A short 60-bolt lift and non-slip bolt handle knob enable fast and smooth repeating with a double ejector ensuring strong ejection of the cartridge.


Direct locking in the barrel via six large locking lugs results in optimum shooting performance, maximum stability and utmost safety for the hunter. The highest safety demands are met by the enhanced, easy-to-handle 3-position safety SRS — Smooth Roll Safety — which acts directly on the firing pin.  A roll on the inside of the safety provides an easy, precise and noiseless operation. The firing pin flange prevents the cartridge from igniting unless the chamber is completely closed. The crisp and clean 2-pound trigger pull promotes very accurate shooting.

The M12 Extreme comes with a rugged grey synthetic stock and soft touch coating for a good grip at all times. Likewise, the anti-slip, large synthetic bolt handle knob is made for fast, reliable repeating loading.

Loading the M12 is easy, either from above via the distinctive wide Mauser loading breach or using the high capacity, detachable staggered magazine.  The rifle comes in a variety of standard and magnum calibers from .22-.250 Rem. to .338 Win. Mag., making it an ideal tool for most game on any terrain.  The receiver is contoured identically to the Mauser 98, allowing for a variety of scope mounting options.

The New Mauser – M12
A new range of accessories will complete the M12 package: light beige M12 cap, a new version of the Mauser long rifle case and ear protection.

The M12 rifles will be available in April 2013.  Visit our website for more information on the Mauser M12:

Posted:  4/3/2013 1:35 PM #37219

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It's been almost 20 years since MAUSER went out of business in 1995, being fractioned-out to Rheinmettal and Sig and otherwise going defunct. I'd really like to know who licensed the Mauser name and who is making this rifle.

Posted:  4/6/2013 9:25 AM #37248

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I'd like to know how much it costs and where it's manufactured.

Posted:  4/8/2013 11:47 AM #37268

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I called Mauser USA located in San Antonio, Texas to ask the questions you guys have posted here.

They told me that Mauser in Germany makes the Mauser M12. For the wood stock model, retail is $1799 and for the synthetic stock $1499.

Here is the link to the Mauser USA website:

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