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Posted:  4/4/2013 8:49 AM #37227
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Subject: The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe
By Scott Stewart and Sidney Brown | April 4, 2013 On March 26, the Belgian federal police's counterterrorism force, or Special Units, conducted a felony car stop on Hakim Benladghem, a 39-year-old French citizen of Algerian extraction. When Benladghem reacted aggressively, he was shot and killed by the police attempting to arrest him. The Special Units chose to take Benladghem down in a car stop rather than arrest him at his home because it had intelligence indicating that he was heavily armed. The authorities also knew from their French counterparts that Benladghem had been trained as a paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion.

Additional intelligence showed that Benladghem had traveled extensively and that, through his travels and email and cellphone communications, he appeared to be connected to the international jihadist movement. Rather than risk a confrontation at Benladghem's apartment, where he had access to an arsenal of weapons as well as a ballistic vest and helmet, the police decided to arrest him while he was away from home and more vulnerable. The Belgian authorities did not want to risk a prolonged, bloody siege like the one that occurred in April 2012 in Toulouse, France, when French police attempted to arrest shooter Mohammed Merah. Read More »


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We can only hope and pray for Europeans to explode in unprecedented violence against the incursion into their continent of radical Islamo-fascist jihadists. Hopefully, after this Crusade, Europe can then settle down to recovering it's former prominence. Abandon socialism, return to their churches and cathedrals, restore their ruling houses, and, before it's too late, reverse their dangeroulsy low birthrate by knocking up their women.
If Europe was still Christian, and actually ruled and governed by the Bonapartes, Hohenzollerns, Hapsburgs, Romanovs, Bourbons, Windsors, Bernadottes and Savoys, it wouldn't be the emasculated, bankrupt, Muslim-dump it is today.
How's that for Xenophobic, anachronistic, imperialist sentiment? Rock on...

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