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Posted:  10/17/2012 1:13 PM #34638

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Subject: Presidential debate number 2

Did you guys watch? What did you think?

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Posted:  10/17/2012 7:15 PM #34647

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I watch parts until I could take no more of Obama's lies and my anti-nausea medicine wore off. I believe Romney was the clear winner! Also Obama and his cheerleader Crowley must have practiced together. I firmly believe in freedom of the press but at some point there has to be accountability too.

Posted:  10/17/2012 8:03 PM #34648

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I thought it was typical Obama.Long on propaganda and slogans,short on facts and reality.Whatever so called facts he did have were quickly refuted by Romney. Without his teleprompter and written speeches,Obama is a bumbling idiot who can't think quickly or descisively to utter a coherent thought. That moderator did  a horrible job,worse than Lehrer in the first debate. She kept cutting off Romney just as he was making his point too many times. Objective journalist? Please! Obama got the softball questions and Romney received the hardball ones. All in all it was a joke.I could only watch it in bits and pieces because I felt that  sudden urge to put my foot through the screen or projectile vomit after Obama's outright lies. I've gotten to the point that I can't stand to watch Obama because he moves me to such outrage.

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