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Posted:  12/23/2012 5:17 AM #35689

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Subject: Need help finding a gunsmith/armorer school
I am 21 years old and plan to make this my profession, I have tried to find colleges and trade schools but haven't had much luck (other than Colorado School of Trades). Im looking for federal accredited gunsmithing/armoror colleges. Something to really give me a leg up in this business. Any information about these fields would be extremely helpful! anything you can give me, I will appreciate. Thank you all!

Posted:  12/23/2012 11:55 AM #35690

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Well, if you can't find anything else, just go to the Colorado School of Trades. Try GOOGLING "Gunsmith Schools." I did and saw this: There were lots of others.

Posted:  12/26/2012 10:08 AM #35718

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Do you have an issue with CST? I went to this school back in 2005 and loved it. 85% hands on training, large machine shop, woodworking, working on real customer's guns and you get to live 10 minutes from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I picked it out of all of the other schools. It is accredited and I graduated with an associate's degree. I highly recommend it.
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