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Posted:  1/15/2013 8:49 AM #36044
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Subject: SIG P227 Review
From Guns, Holsters & Gear: The SIG P227 made a welcome appearance at the 2013 Media Day event ahead of the SHOT Show.  Like several of the other guns you’ll see here, we were able to spend some time shooting this gun and talking to the SIG Sauer reps about the pistol.  I’ll save you the suspense in this review:  this gun is a winner. The concept of the P227 was to put the big bore .45 ACP cartridge into the same size gun as the company’s very popular P226.  The P226 is a duty size pistol with double stack magazines chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG.  SIG Sauer already makes a number of .45 caliber handguns, including the classic P220.  But none of them are the P226.
The P227 maintains the same size and overall layout of the P226, but manages to pack ten rounds of the classic round into each magazine.  Extended magazines that hold 14 rounds will also be available for sale.  By comparison  most of the P220 pistols only hold eight rounds.

I got to shoot a P227 that was equipped with a threaded barrel.  A threaded barrel option is not currently listed in the SIG Sauer catalog, but expect to see it offered soon from the company.  The gun I shot was the traditional double-action/single-action pistol.

SIG Sauer P227

The gun shot very well and was very accurate.  I found that recoil was slightly more than the duty P226 I am issued in .40 S&W, which surprised me slightly.  However, it was still very controllable.  Bullets went right where I aimed the pistol.

The trigger pull was what I have come to expect from SIG’s DA/SA guns. The first trigger pull is relatively long and heavy, but very smooth and easy to master.  The subsequent, single-action pulls are short and crisp.  There were no surprises here.

I shot a few magazines through the gun, and watched as others did the same.  I neither experienced nor observed any malfunctions with the gun.

The P227 is made with the E2-type enhancements that were introduced to the P226 a few years back.  That means reaching the trigger is easier than on the older generations of P226.

SIG Sauer P227

This is the SAS Gen 2 version of the new SIG P227.

Ultimately, the P227 doesn’t offer any surprises.  If you like the P226, you should like this gun.  If you don’t care for the P226, you are not likely to want one of these.  It appears to be a high-quality firearm, chambered for the .45, yet will fit the majority of existing holsters designed for the P226.

MSRP will run from $993 to $1,125 depending on the version and options ordered.  Street prices should be much lower.  I hope to get a P227 for a more in depth review later this year.

Read the original article here: . Make sure you visit for all of the latest gun news, reviews and SHOT Show coverage.

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