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Posted:  10/11/2012 9:19 PM #34566

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Subject: old .30-06 ammo
came across 200 rnds of old .30-06 ammo today.  it was put away in an ammo can wrapped in plastic and oiled up.  the only markings on the casing are "S  L  4  3."  am i correct in assuming this is 1943-vintage ammo?  is this stuff safe to shoot?  how do i clean it?  WD40 or gunscrubber?  alcohol?  there is some minor discoloration on the brass itself but the rounds seem to be intact.  @import url(;

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DON'T use WD40 or any other penetrating oil. It can get into the primer pockets and ruin the primers. I would use some 0000 steel wool on them. It sounds like the ammo was stored correctly and should work, unless the oil they used seeped into the primer pockets.
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