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Posted:  8/14/2012 2:23 PM #33328

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Subject: Your first shooting experience

Your first shooting experience

Do you remember the first time you ever shot a gun?

Who was it with?

How old were you?

What gun was it?

The first time I shot a gun was when I was in eighth grade. My father wasn’t a gun owner, but when my brother got into high school, he got interested in guns. He had a rifle and a handgun. I don’t remember what they were. He taught me to shoot. I enjoyed it right away.

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Posted:  8/14/2012 7:26 PM #33331
Texan Raven

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I was 14, at summer sleep-over camp. They offered a shooting class 1-2 times a week, limited enrollment. I enrolled. We got to shoot Winchester, single-shot bolt-action rifles, with iron sights. It was a blast. That was 41 years ago. I still shoot.

Posted:  8/14/2012 8:57 PM #33333

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I was 8 (or was it 9?) years old, with my Dad and Grandfather, on Grandpa's farm. I asked Grandpa if I could shoot his double-barrelled 12 gauge shotgun. "Sure." After a quick lesson in holding and shouldering it, I stupidly pulled both triggers simultaneously and landed on my ass, giggling like Beavis and Butthead.
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Posted:  8/15/2012 8:10 AM #33334
Meme're E

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I was about 10 when my Dad took my brother and I out to the back yard (we lived in the country). The gun was a .22 rifle. My dad always believed that if you show your children how to properly use a fire arm, they will never, play, with them. And of course he was right. We had a great time. After that, my older cousin would take us to the dump to shoot rats. It was awesome.

Posted:  8/15/2012 9:03 AM #33335

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I asked my brother what he taught me to shoot with and it was a Marlin Model 60.
Marlin Model 60 Semi Automatic Rifle .22 Long Rifle 19" Barrel 14 Rounds Walnut Monte Carlo Stock
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Posted:  10/21/2012 7:37 PM #34733
Mr. Bud

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My first time was when I was between 9 and 12. It was an M-16A1. No kidding. My father was a Marine and they always had these family days. During these family days (this was the early to mid 1980s) they would also load M-16s and M-60s with blanks and let us shoot them off. It was a lot of fun. The first time I actually got to fire a weapon was during the same time frame. My father took me out one evening with the Marines as they were doing a night fire exercise at the range. They were shooting M-60s and M-2s. I got to shoot a mounted M-60 and it was awesome. Every fifth round a tracer, looked like Star Wars...
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