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Posted:  1/20/2014 8:41 AM #40435
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Subject: Noreen Firearms: An AR Pattern Rifle in 30-06? Bigger Is Better—SHOT Show 2014
( Noreen Firearms has a new AR patterned rifle. A new AR. Right. We’ve heard that a lot at SHOT show. You don’t even have to be here in Vegas to hear someone yammering on about a new AR. But Noreen’s guns are a little bit different. It’s an AR all right, but not a 15 or a 10. An AR 10 isn’t a big enough platform for this big boy. We are talking a true long-action AR. One big enough for 30-06. This odd rifle is the BN36, a logical twist on the old Stoner design. I can see how these rifles could be useful in Montana, where Noreen Firearms makes their guns. That’s a big western state where finding some BLM land to throw lead past 1,000 yards is easy enough to do and also a great place to hunt some of the biggest North American game at extended ranges.


The BN36 weighs in at 8lbs and sports a 22” barrel. The price is around $2,000 depending on options. Noreen also make a number of other AR and bolt action rifles in large calibers. If 30-06 isn’t big enough for you, check out the Bad News model in .338 Lapua. It’s an AR too.

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