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Posted:  8/18/2014 3:45 PM #42763
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Subject: 105 to be laid off at Remington Arms in Ilion, N.Y.
( By Teri Weaver-SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- One hundred and five people will be laid off at Remington Arms in Ilion, Sen. James Seward's office confirmed this afternoon. The layoffs are part of the gun maker's plans to move two assembly lines to Alabama, which was announced in May, Seward's office said. In May, the president of United Mine Workers Local 717 said about 80 people would be laid off with no guarantees of jobs at the new plant. Fran Madore said at the time that the passage of the NY Safe Act played into the decision.


WKTV reported the news this afternoon.

Here's some information from my story from May. Please check back for updates.

Starting in July, Remington will begin shifting assembly lines of its Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle and 1911 pistol to Alabama, eventually moving from 100 to 150 jobs. The plant currently has about 1,300 workers.

The move is part of a larger reorganization by Remington as it plans to open a new massive factory in Alabama, the website The Outdoor Wire reported. This week, Remington workers at six locations, including Ilion, were notified of the changes, the website reported.

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I hope they don't offer these unionized workers a transfer to Alabama. They'll infect the locals with their organizing, and screw Remington's stock holders out of the profits they intended to generate by escaping a union state to a right to work state. But besides higher labor costs, they also run the risk of strikes and sick outs, and they lose the power to fire flakes, druggies, alckies, and libtards without expensive and time-consuming procedures. Besides all that, Remington engineering and quality control has suffered some big hits lately, no doubt the result of declining morale and a fractured corporate culture brought about by NY's firearms regulation. The company not only needs new digs, but a lot of new blood. Wish them well.

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