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Posted:  12/26/2010 7:45 PM #25198

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Subject: CETME/HK rifles
Poll: Which style of .308/7.62 military style rifle do you have or would you prefer for deer hunting?
  CETME/HK   67%
 4   Votes
  FAL   0%
 0   Votes
  AR   0%
 0   Votes
  M-1a   0%
 0   Votes
  AK variant   17%
 1   Votes
  other (which)   17%
 1   Votes
Total Votes:  6

How many on this board have/like CETME or HK style rifles, and have one or more that they use regularly? I have a Century CETME that I use for deer hunting. I just love .308!!!!

Posted:  9/11/2011 6:57 PM #27949

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The HK has a HORRIBLE trigger pull, which can't really be fixed by smithing, except in "set trigger" mode, not available in rapidfire. Why not just spend $400 on a used Remington 308 sporting auto, and save lugging around the pointless extra 3 lbs of gun? You can get 10 rd mags for the Remington, altho they are expensive, you don't need more than 3-4 anyway. It's a lie that survival combat requires more ability to handle the heat and stress of rapidfire than the Remington offers. You don't DARE just spray and pray if it's shtf, as the army does. All you will ever HAVE in the way of 308 ammo is what you have, most likely, so you better NOT fire a single shot without a good target in your sights, and control the trigger, with ear protection in place. With that simple caveat, the Remington will do just fine as your "combat" rifle, without the expense and hassles that go with 308 military style autos.

Posted:  10/5/2011 10:36 PM #28485
Texan Raven

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How many HKs have you fired, to make the statement that the rifle has a horrible trigger pull?

Posted:  10/6/2011 7:40 AM #28486
Speed Biker

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I have to agree that HK style triggers in their factory form are heavy and creepy. However, a gunsmith in Colorado by the name of Bill Springfield does a wonderful trigger job on them at a very reasonable price and will usually get them back to you in about a week. I sent a PTR91 trigger to him. It was very nice when I got it back, and not a set trigger. Check out his website.

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