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Subject: 200 new jobs are open at McAAP
( McALESTER — The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is looking to hire a few good men and women — 200, to be exact. McAAP Commander Col. Joseph G. Dalessio confirmed that the 200 employees that McAAP needs to hire is in addition to the push to hire more employees that began last November. “We  have done yeoman’s work on the hiring process,” Dalessio told the News-Capital during an interview in his office on the McAAP grounds. That doesn’t mean however, that all the jobs at McAAP stay filled.

“We have folks retiring, seeking work elsewhere,” Dalessio said. “We’re taking a step forward and taking two steps back.”

New employees are needed partly because of long-term contracts for some McAAP jobs.

“We have work that’s going to take us through 2020,” the commander said.

The hiring surge is also needed to help McAAP meet its current workload, according to Director of Resource Management Robert Mabray.

While nearly 100 individuals were hired through the push that began last November, McAAP is still 192 employees short of the number needed to fill new orders, Mabray said.

McAAP’s projected workload includes new orders to replenish stocks for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy, as well as produce a new cost-efficient 155 mm. training round. McAAP will also continue to demilitarize obsolete and unserviceable munitions, and will continue in its storage and shipping operations.

McAAP currently has just over 1,250 employees, according to the commander.

“We’d like to have 1,450,” he said.

That doesn’t mean those seeking employment can simply fill out and application and drive through the gates, however.

For one thing, the hiring process to become a McAAP employee or employee on other military bases can take nearly three months in some instances.

“The Army likes to get it done in 80 days,” Dalessio said.

Those who want to apply to work at McAAP should log onto and then type McAlester, OK on the location block on the home page, according to McAAP spokesman Kevin Jackson. In addition, applicants can access the same job openings at

Col. Dalessio said he’s aware some individuals who might become outstanding McAAP employees may give up on applying if they have trouble navigating the application process by computer.

One of the solutions being considered is establishing a station at an existing site in McAlester where some assistance could be provided on the application process.

Although no location has yet been selected, McAAP hopes to settle on one soon, with the Kiamichi Technology Center used as an example as the type of facility that might be approached for consideration.

The hope is that providing assistance on navigating the government site and completing the application might speed up the process for those unfamiliar with the online application process.

“We want to help them,” the commander said.

McAAP is widely considered to be the U.S. Department of Defense’s premier bomb and warhead loading facility.

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