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Posted:  1/6/2014 8:53 AM #40232
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Subject: Is ARSENAL’s AK the Best AK Rifle Around?
LAS VEGAS, NV –-( Attached is the latest cover of Guns & Ammo that asks the question of our newest rifle…”The Best AK Around?” When you read the article you will see that that question is answered with a resounding YES! Please stop by our booth (#11218) at this year’s SHOT Show to see the best AK ever and celebrate with us for a level of success that has never been achieved until now with this rifle. “ARSENAL, Inc…setting the new standard for Modern Sporting Rifle’s by combining accuracy, function, and reliability”


ARSENAL, Inc uses cutting technology to manufacture firearms and accessories for the 21st century shooter that is guaranteed to set the bar for generations to come”

“ARSENAL, Inc. is manufacturing the official Modern Sporting Rifle for the next generation of shooter”

“ARSENAL, Inc…the ONLY name you can trust when putting an AK in your arsenal.”
Arsenal SAM7SF 7.62x39 Rifle
ARSENAL Guns & Ammo

ARSENAL Guns & Ammo

Please be our guest at this year’s SHOT show and see what all this talk is about. I look forward to seeing you in our booth and toasting Arsenal’s success and unprecedented achievement in its’ latest line of firearms.

Arsenal, Inc. is the exclusive licensed US manufacturer of the finest, most authentic firearms for government agencies, shooting enthusiasts and TV & film industry. Aresnal inc. uses the latest technology and materials in conjunction with the legendary standards of Arsenal of Bulgaria.

All models made in the US are semi-automatic, shoulder-fired, gas-operated, magazine-fed rifles and pistols built on forged, milled receivers and implement CNC technology. A wide variety of models are available in calibers 7.62 x 39mm, 5.56 x 45mm, and 5.45 x 39.5mm. Arsenal now produces a line of rifles incorporating stamped receivers that offer an economically priced alternative to the traditional forged and milled construction.

Arsenal Inc. is online at, on Facebook and now on Twitter at Phone Arsenal Inc. at (702) 643-2703 or by email at

Posted:  1/6/2014 6:26 PM #40251

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Of all the Kalashnikov clones made in Eastern European or Balkan dumps, the Bulgarian models are no better or worse than anybody else's. At best, Arsenal specifies a higher level of fit and finish, but operationally nothing is gained, and their shockingly high prices cannot be justified in any way.

Posted:  1/7/2014 7:00 AM #40256

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For my money.Saiga by Izmash gets my approval. Basic solid construction with chrome lined barrels, ready to be modified or converted according to your budget or needs.

Posted:  1/7/2014 12:35 PM #40278

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I agree, Kull. I own a Saiga .223 carbine. I left it stock except to replace the top cover with a UTG Tri-Rail top cover (~$25)so I could festoon it with assorted optics and accessories. Great rifle - a little heavy for the caliber, but for the $299 I paid for it, it works for me.

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