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Posted:  3/19/2013 2:47 PM #36980
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Subject: Senate Democrats Drop Assault Weapons Ban from Bill
From GOPUSA: WASHINGTON - The sponsor of a proposed assault weapons ban says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has told her that the ban will not be part of the initial gun control measure the Senate will debate next month. California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein says that instead of being included in the measure, the ban will be offered as an amendment. The decision, which was expected, means that the ban seems to stand little chance of surviving because of expected solid opposition from Republicans and likely defections from some moderate Democrats.


The ban was one of four gun control measures approved this month by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The others would expand required federal background checks for firearms buyers, increase federal penalties for illegal gun trafficking and boost school safety money.

Posted:  3/19/2013 4:18 PM #36984

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Looks like Harry Reid had to protect his re election chances by striking this down. You can be sure he would have been defeated if he allowed this measure to pass. Looking out for his own ass,not anything or anyone else.

Posted:  3/19/2013 8:32 PM #36985

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AS I HAVE COMMENTED BEFORE, the real goal of this latest push for gun control is to get control over, and eventually close down private sales. It is an attempt to force all transfers through the strainer of an FFL and the NICS background check. Your dealer probably loves it because it will force more business his way. That "transfer fee" will skyrocket when buyers no longer have the option of shopping from a private seller. A classic "divide and conquer" - separating the interests of FFL dealers and gun owners.
Obama, DiFi and Reid threw an assault weapons and hi-cap magazine ban in the bill just so they could give them up in a grand "compromise" to get the jewel in the crown - universal background checks, complete control of firearms transfers, and the automatic registration that is a by-product of the legislation  -which will be needed to implement onerous provisions of the UN's ATT.
Oh, didn't they tell you that the records of all sales records generated in universal background checks will be KEPT? As many whistle blowers have claimed they already are - in defiance of Law!
To be a Democrat is not just to have a difference of priorities with Republicans, it is to adopt and accept an ideology of surpassing evil, dedicated to tyranny in every possible form. You cannot be a Democrat and an American at the same time.

Posted:  4/7/2013 7:58 AM #37249

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Yes sir, that's what the democrats are after ...Stopping all private sales between individuals.  And correct Horselips...that transfer fee will go through the roof!  The Republicans had better nip this in the bud, IF they want to be re-elected.

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