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Posted:  5/3/2013 12:49 PM #37574
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Subject: Girls, Guns and the Inherent Inconsistency of An Anti-Gun Media
From By Edwin Leap-I recently saw some articles that lamented the marketing of firearms to women.  If you go to your favorite search engine and type in:  ‘marketing guns to women,’ you’ll find plenty of links that suggest that women are only interested in firearms because the industry has preyed upon, and manipulated, their insecurity and fear.  In particular, the idea of the ‘pink gun’ seems reprehensible to the anti-gun crowd. This is fascinating to me.  This is 2013.  The equality of women is not an issue for discussion.  Women serve in high public office, women fly high performance combat aircraft and command Naval vessels.  Soon, it appears they will serve alongside men in ground combat.  Women own and run huge industries.  Women are movers and shakers, cultural icons and scientific innovators.  Women teach in universities, give us our news, analyze our politics and raise our children.  Women ride motorcycles and buy sports cars.  They are athletes, construction workers, truck-drivers and welders.  Women pursue and arrest criminals as law-enforcement officers.  Women are capable of doing whatever they want.


So, in light of this, is the political and cultural left really worried that the big, bad, paternalistic, old gun industry has tricked the fairer sex into buying and owning guns?  It’s such a silly assertion that I find myself at a loss of words.

First of all, women are cool.  I know because I’m married to the coolest of all women.  Women enjoy the shooting sports.  My daughter used to shoot in 4H BB gun competitions.  And guess what? The national champions in that introductory shooting sport are almost always girls.  Women are naturally excellent shots; having a calmer disposition than all of us testosterone plagued balls of agitation.  Women compete in shooting at every level and with every kind of firearm.

Second, women understand biology. They know that they are usually not as physically strong as the men who might attack them or their children.  Smart women know that when things go badly, the best they can hope for is either an armed person to help them, or a gun in their own hands.  Liberals, for all their hatred of guns, depend on people with guns.  However, increasing numbers of intelligent women know the math.  It takes only a few seconds for an assailant to kill a mother and her children.  It takes minutes, sometimes many, for help to arrive.  Women, practical as they usually are, understand that life is precious.  They are wired to defend their own.  And they understand that a firearm is the thing that makes the mathematics of violence work in their favor.
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