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Posted:  12/4/2011 9:41 PM #29180

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Subject: How badly did I get ripped off?
Hey everyone, first post here. I've been stalking CTD for a while, finally decided to get off my behind and make a forum account. I recently bought an AR-15 by DPMS with a few enhancements. This was my first AR buy and after getting the gun appraised for a trade-in, I found it to be FAR less than what I paid for it. The guy at another gun store appraised it for 500. scope, rail, grip and all. 

I bought a DPMS oracle in August for 846 after tax. After looking online, I found the gun for around 600. Was there a price drop on DPMS rifles any time or a shortage in their supply chains? 
If it was bad  on the gun, wait till you hear the mods. 
TAPCO Intrafuse Verticle Foregrip. 22 dollars at the gun store, 8 bucks here.
GMA Quad Rail: 80.99 at the store,  42.90 here
NcStar Mark III tactical scope model STR3942g. 170.99 at the store. 63 online. 

Grand total:1116.48
Had I bought from online and done an FFL transfer with shipping? Roughly 800.I overpaid by 310 dollars roughly, how bad of a rookie mistake is this? This was my first AR buy and I guess this is lesson learned.  

Posted:  12/5/2011 9:27 AM #29187

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Hi Priest and welcome to our forums. We are glad to have you!

I'm not sure about how badly you were ripped off, but I'll ask around the office and find someone to reply to you.

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Posted:  12/5/2011 9:39 AM #29189

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That's pretty high for an Oracle. Rookie mistake, I'm sure you will do your research next time and not let it happen again. At least you have an AR.
"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."

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Posted:  12/6/2011 6:44 AM #29203
Amazingrace II

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I wouldn't get myself down over $310. I have made a few blunders myself over the years. Buying at a high price only to find the exact same firearm one week later for 1/2 the price. Or, selling a firearm for a couple of hundred, then later finding out it was worth much much more, ouch. Or all the woulda, coulda, and shouldas that pass by and never acting on it. The only thing I can say. Be patient, do your research and enjoy , It's not all about the money.@import url(;
When the second falls the rest will follow.

Posted:  11/19/2012 11:03 AM #35223
Ride On

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It's been almost a year since you posted about the price you paid....Most importantly, have you enjoy your DPMS for the past year? I'm in the process now buying the DPMS AP4. I have my Marine son that will help me a lot with the AR...shooting, breakdown etc.OoooRahhhhh

Posted:  11/19/2012 5:41 PM #35228
Texan Raven

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Thank him for his service, Ride On. I just lost my uncle one week ago to a VERY aggressive form of leukemia.On Monday, two weeks ago, he was fine. Two days later, he was dead. He was a Marine. He was buried with the USMC flag covering him. Semper Fi. OoooRahhh!

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