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Posted:  1/30/2013 9:42 AM #36287
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Subject: Newslinks for Wednesday, January 30
The liberal media tends to report the use of guns in crimes and ignores when guns are used legally in self-defense. It is time to show the general public how responsible gun owners are saving lives. It is estimated that 2.5 million people a year use their gun successfully in self-defense. It is time to spread the word to the general public that guns saves lives. Every day the website Keep and Bear Arms reports on these incidents. Here are today’s posts:
2 of 5 Home Invaders Shot by Homeowner in Ohio (OH)
OpSD --"Two of the would be home invaders were shot. One was found with life threatening injuries inside the home, while the second was found collapsed on a nearby street."

82 Year Old Homeowner Shoots 30 Year Old Intruder Who Assaulted Him (MO)
OpSD --"On January 19th, an elderly homeowner in MO was forced to defend himself when a 30 year old suspect broke into his home and assaulted him. The hoemowner fired a shot at the intruder, striking him in the arm."

Great Grandmother Shoots Would be Robber on Bus With 9mm Handgun (MI)
OpSD --"The suspect fled with the items at the next stop, but the woman got off the bus, going after him, and confronting him. When the suspect turned to confront her, the grandmother, a concealed weapons permit holder, then drew her semi-automatic 9mm pistol and fired 11 shots at the suspect."

Homeowner in Louisiana Shoots Armed, Career Burglar in Buttocks (LA)
OpSD --"The homeowner, fearing the armed burglar, drew a gun he was carrying on his person and held the suspect at gunpoint."

Homeowner in ND Confronts Burglar at 3:30am, Fires Shots, Scares Him Away (ND)
OpSD --"The homeowner then fired a shot at the suspect just outside of the home."

Off Duty Security Guard in CA Shoots Would be Armed Robber (CA)
OpSD --"The security guard, fearing for his life, drew his sidearm and shot the suspect once in the abdomen."

Vancouver, WA Resident Shoots and Kills Would be Prowler (WA)
OpSD --"A few minutes later, police received calls that the prowler had been shot by a resident."

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Thank you.

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